How to become a blogger?

guides for beginners

On this blog, you will learn how to become a blogger and more specifically how to create your own website to start a blog or a new business. The guides we publish are addressed especially to blogging beginners. We will show you how to make a successful blog – step by step, taking into account the smallest details. We want to share our knowledge and good practices that we have gained over the years of work. To help you get started, we recommend our guide: how to start a blog. If – for any reason – you don’t know what is a blog – we try to explain the blog definition in one of our articles.

We provide you with advice on how to choose best-managed WordPress hosting, where to find the best WordPress developers, how to choose a domain, how to install WordPress, which plugins to use, how to choose a theme (or use one of our themes) and many more. You will also learn why you should write on your own website instead of choosing hosted solutions (blogging platforms such as, Wix, Weebly, Medium, etc).

In addition to reading articles, we want to share our free WordPress themes – we have already released a few (designed by us). All of them can be downloaded from the official WordPress Theme Repository.

We are here for you. Without you, our work does not make sense. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone for visiting us, for your support and opinions and we invite you to read.

Happy blogging!