What We Recommend

recommended services

Here we list the recommended services. They are recommended because we trust the companies behind them; they are known for their high-quality services and high-quality support. They are also engaged in the WordPress community.

1. WordPress Hosting (and domain)


Why do we recommend Bluehost?

Cheap and well-performing hosting for beginners. Read our Bluehost review.


Why do we recommend Kinsta?

Quality managed WordPress hosting without compromise. Outstanding support, but accordingly priced. For more info go to Kinsta.

2. Themes and Plugins Customization

Codeable – generally for all WordPress development-related work we recommend Codeable.

Why do we recommend Codeable?

We are part of this community of great WordPress experts – link to Patryk’s profile: https://codeable.io/developers/patryk-kachel/

Read our Codeable review.