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We are Monika and Patryk, web designers and WordPress developers. We have been working with WordPress for almost 10 years. We have many years of experience in making websites for clients from around the world. You can also find us at Codeable helping WordPress users with any tasks they have. We are trusted authors and a member of the Theme Review Team at wordpress.org. We create free WordPress themes and plugins all available in the wordpress.org directory. To do all the things mentioned above we funded tiny company named DK where only we both work.

We really love our work and the independence associated with it, which gives us the freedom to act in accordance with what we believe.

We practice ethical design, it is very important to us. Our obligation as the ones who build products is using best practices for ethical design. Why? The answer is simple. We want to live in a more ethical future, where transparency and honesty come first. Everything we do shapes and changes lives for better or for worse. We choose better.

We have created our website to share our knowledge about how to make a website or blog with WordPress. We want everyone to easily run the site on their own, respecting privacy, away from large corporations collecting huge amounts of data. We say Рbe the owner of your content, be responsible for your own content,  do not let anyone control your content. We want to create and share awesome free WordPress themes to help people building their on-line presence.

As trusted authors at wordpress.org and a member of the Theme Review Team, you can be sure of high-quality code. We try to provide well coded, fast themes without bloat. We care about usability, accessibility and performance (ecology). We try to make our free themes not only nice and responsive but also useful, accessible, fast and efficient.

What else about us? We love mountains, nature, silence and challenges in the same way as we love open source, open network and WordPress.

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