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Best Image Size in pixels for Pencil Theme: Medium size: Max Width 494 – Max Height 9999 Large size: Max Width 720 – Max Height 9999 Important: to regenerate thumbnails on already published posts install and run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

1. Theme Installation

1.1. Zip file installation via the WordPress admin panel

After downloading the file to your computer, please go to Appearance > Themes > Add New < Upload Theme in your WordPress admin panel and upload the file from your computer. After that, you can activate the theme by clicking the Activate button.

WordPress themes for blogs
WordPress theme installation

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1.2. Theme Installation from the Theme Directory (via the WordPress admin panel)

By installing the Pencil theme from the Theme Directory you can always be sure that this is the latest and the newest version of the theme.
First, log in to the WordPress panel. Then come in Appearance > Themes > Add New.

Theme Installation - how to start
How to start a blog with a free WordPress theme

In the right window, enter the name of the template – in this case – Pencil. Then click Install and after a moment Activate.

Theme installation with WordPress
How to install free WP Theme


How to activate WP theme with Blover
How to activate WordPress theme

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2. Plugins Installation

A list of recommended plugins will appear at the top of the screen, click Begin installing plugins.

Free WordPress template - plugins installation
Plugins installation in Free WP Theme


Select all by clicking on the square at the top, and then select Install from the drop-down list and Apply.

Loose WordPress Theme for bloggers
Installing required plugins

To activate plugins click ‘Return to Required Plugins Installer’

Loose - the best WP theme
WordPress Plugins installations

Select all then click ‘Activate‘ and ‘Apply’

Loose WP template
WordPress plugins installation

Now your theme is ready to go.

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3. Image size settings

Before you upload images you must set the appropriate dimensions for all photos. It is very important. Otherwise, your thumbnails will be blurry and pixelized. To do this, go to Settings > Media in the WordPress panel and define settings for WordPress media uploads.

Best Image Size for Pencil Theme in pixels:

Medium size: Max Width 494 – Max Height 9999
Large size: Max Width 720 – Max Height 9999

Image size in WP

Some additional info: Codex – WordPress

To apply those changes to already uploaded images you can use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. To install this plugin please go to > Plugins > Add New in the Search area write the name of the plugin you are looking for. In this case “Regenerate Thumbnails” and click enter.

How to install plugins in WP
Plugin installation in WordPress theme

Then click the ‘Install Now‘ button and after a few seconds ‘Activate Plugin’

How to activate pligins in WP theme
Plugins activation in WordPress Theme

Now your plugin is already installed and activate. To regenerate thumbnails please go to > Tools > Regen.Thumbnails

How to install plugins in WordPress
Plugin installation in WP

and Click ‘Regenerate All Thumbnails’ button

Free Wp plugin for blogs
WordPress free plugin installation

This can take a while 🙂 and all DONE 🙂

Good JOB 🙂

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4. Homepage slider

Home Page Slider displays Sticky Post with Featured Image.


To view homepage slider you must have ready-made posts. If you do not know How to write a new blog post in WordPress read this article.



Free WordPress Theme for blogs
Slider settings in Pencil free WP theme

To set up the Home Page Slider first:

Featured Image represents the contents, mood or theme of a post. Featured Image is used in a number of areas like on the homepage, post page, popular post areas, homepage slider, etc.

WP theme for free
Featured image in WordPress free theme

Open the editor of the post (please go to > Posts > All Posts) then Open the post in which you want to display a unique custom header image (featured image).

Set up featured image in WP theme
Post with the featured image in WordPress

Locate the Featured Image module on the right. Click Set Featured Image. Now You can upload your image or choose one from your Media Library.

Free WordPress theme - where to find featured image
How to set up the featured image with WordPress theme
How to add Featured image in WordPress
Adding featured image in a WP theme
Featured image in WordPress theme
Adding featured image in a free WP theme


Homepage slider with featured image
How to add homepage slider in free WordPress theme

Be sure to update your post when you’re finished.

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4.2. Display Sticky Posts



The slider displays only posts marked as ‘Sticky’ in WordPress.



  • You can make a sticky post from the Quick Edit option under the post.

Please go to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > All Posts. Find post, go to Quick Edit and Make this post sticky by checking the tick box > Update

Set up Sticky post in WordPress theme
WordPress Sticky posts


Sticky posts in WordPress free theme
Slider with Sticky posts in WordPress



  • or you can also open up the post’s page go to Visibility (the ‘Publish’ section in the Post editor) click Edit and check Stick this post to the front page, click OK and Publish.
Free Blover theme with Sticky posts
How to add a Sticky post in WordPress



Posts displayed in the slider automatically disappear from the list of posts on the page (they move to the slider). To display posts in two places (in the slider and on the page with posts) enter Appearance> Customize> Home Page and select Show Sticky Posts Below Slider.



Sticky post settings in Blover free theme
How to set up Sticky posts

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3.3. Slider settings

Pencil theme gives you the ability to customize the slider. By entering Appearance> Customize> Home Page you can change:

  • Height of Home Page Slider,
  • Slider Image Size,
  • Numer of Visible Images in Slider.

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4. Post formats

Pencil has the possibility to create 4 different post formats: standard, audio, video, and gallery.

Standard Post
A standard post is the default post format.
You can add text and images to your post.

Audio Post

An audio post allows you to share a music or audio track and displays it at the top of the post.

Video Post
A video post displays a video at the top of your post.

Gallery Post
A gallery post allows you to create a slideshow-type gallery at the top of your post.



If you do not know how to write a new blog post in WordPress read this article.


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5. Picture of the author (user)

User role settings in WP blog
Users in WordPress blog


The author’s image is taken from service

User settings in free WordPress theme
User settings in  a WP theme

You need the same email address set up in Gravatar service as in WordPress admin panel (Users >Your Profile)

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6. Setting up the Sidebar

The Sidebar is a vertical column for displaying information other than the main content of the web page. The Pencil has one right sidebar contain widgets that an administrator of the site can customize. To enable/disable the sidebar on your homepage, your posts, and/or your archive pages (category pages, author page, etc.) please go to Appearance > Customize > Home Page

Setting up the Sidebar in free Wp blog
Setting up the Sidebar in a Free WordPress theme


WordPress theme settings
Settings in a free WP theme


The pencil plugins we used in the right sidebar area:

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6.1. WordPress Popular Posts

note: plugin output is filtered by the „Pencil” theme and not all options works. If you need original plugin functionality (please go to > Appearance > Customize > Advanced) and check Enable WordPress Popular Posts original markup.

WordPress free plugin for blog
Best free plugin for blogs


More info: Plugins – WordPress Popular Posts

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6.2. Instagram Slider Widget

It is a responsive slider widget that shows 24 latest images from a public Instagram user.

Free Instagram plugin for WordPress
How to set up an Instagram plugin for blog

More info: Plugins – Instagram Slider Widget

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4. MailChimp for WordPress Lite

adding sign-up methods for your MailChimp lists to your WordPress site should be easy. With this MailChimp for WordPress, it finally is.
This plugin helps you add subscribers to your MailChimp lists using various methods. You can create good looking opt-in forms or integrate with any other form on your sites, like your comment form or WooCommerce checkout.

More info: WordPress Plugins

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5. Text widget

For advertisement
<a href=”destination link“><img src=”image link” alt=””></a>

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7. Supported plugins

Pencil is ready for use with the following WordPress plugins:

  • WordPress Popular Posts to show the most popular posts. Note: plugin output is filtered by the „Pencil” theme and not all options works.
    If you need original plugin functionality (please go to > Appearance > Customize > Advanced) and check Enable WordPress Popular Posts original markup.
Best free WP plugin for bloggers
Free WordPress plugin


User SocialProfiles plugin
How to display social icons on the author site
Free WordPress instagram plugin
Free WP Plugin for instagram
  • Text Widget – advertisement
    <a href=”destination link“><img src=”image link” alt=””></a>

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