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Best Image Size in pixels for Boyo Theme: Custom logo: height 30, Featured Image: width 1200, Full-Width image in the post: width 700

1. Theme Installation

1.1. Installation via the WordPress admin panel

After logging in to the WordPress panel, enter Appearance > Themes > Add New and enter the name of the theme you are looking for, namely Boyo.

Theme installation in WP
How to install the Boyo WordPress theme

By installing the theme directly from the website, you can be sure that you are downloading the latest version of the template.

Then click Install and after a moment Activate. A list of recommended plugins will appear at the top of the screen, click Begin installing Plugins.

How to install plugins in Boyo free WP template
Boyo free WordPress Theme plugins installation

Select all by clicking on the square at the top, and then select Install from the drop-down list and Apply. Now you have to activate the installed plugins – select all and select Activate from the list and then click Apply.

WordPress free theme plugins installation
Boyo Theme plugins installation

If you’re just starting out with blogging and do not know where to start, we’ve added the ‘One click demo import’ button to make it easier. Thanks to this, you can import the entire demo along with all settings.

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2. Demo import

NOTE: At the moment demo import functionality was removed because of’s theme repository restrictions. We plan to restore this functionality via external plugin.

To import the Boyo’s demo, go to Appearance > Import Demo Data. Then select one of the two available demos and click Import, confirm your selection again and you’re done.

How to import demo in Boyo free WP theme
One click demo import in Boyo theme

WordPress adds test data during the first installation.
If you have not added your posts in the WordPress panel yet and you have not changed WordPress settings, the test plugins will be added to the Top widget (ie at the very top of the page).

WordPress template for free
Boyo theme first look

But do not worry, you can easily remove them by entering Appearance > Widgets > Top.

To do this, left-click on a specific plugin (all in turn), hold down the button and drop the plugin on the left.

Boyo free Wp theme - widgets
Widgets in WordPress free theme

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When you import demo data, the demo menu will remain invisible. To view the menu, go to Appearance > Menus, select Menu from the drop-down list and click Select.

Menu settings in WP theme
Primary menu in the Boyo WordPress theme for bloggers

At the bottom of the page, select Primary, indicating that it is the main menu. Finally, save the changes by clicking on the Save Menu button.
By importing the demo you also import the menu settings, do not forget to adjust the menu to your needs.

Menu settings in Boyo WP theme
Menu in the Boyo theme

In Boyo theme you have the option to add a custom menu at the bottom of the page.

Menu in the footer in Boyo WP blog theme
Footer menus in Boyo blog theme

If you do not know how to add a menu at the bottom of the page, read Custom menu settings here.

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3. Setting up the Front Page

3.1. Blog & Archive Page Settings

In the Boyo theme on the home page (blog page), you can display posts in one or three columns.
Enter Appearance > Customize > Blog & Archive Pages and select the layout that suits you best from the drop down list.

Blog settings in Boyo WP theme
Blog page settings in the Boyo WP theme for writters

Finally, click the Publish button to publish the changes.

On the blog page, you can display post titles with a short description or only the title – if uncheck ‘Show excerpt on blog archive pages’.

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Please go to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity > Select logo

Boyo free WP template - logo settings
Custom logo settings in Boyo WordPress theme



The best image height is 30px, then the logo will display correctly.


In the Site Identity section, you can also set a site icon, which is a small icon that is displayed at the top of the browser tab.

Here you can also set Site Title and Tagline.

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3.3. Colors

By entering Appearance > Customize > Colors you can change the background color, main content background color, and colors for each post format.

Colors changes Boyo free WP template
Boyo WordPress theme color settings

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3.4. Highlighted posts

Highlighting Posts in the Boyo theme is nothing but marking them like sticky in the WordPress panel. How to do it?

Sticky post in WordPress free theme
Sticky post in Boyo free theme

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3.4.1. Display Sticky Posts

You can make a sticky post from the Quick Edit option under the post.

Please go to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > All Posts. Find post, go to Quick Edit option and Make this post sticky by checking the tick box > Update

Sticky post in WordPress blog template
How to set up a sticky post in WordPress theme
Highlighted posts in Boyo WP blog theme
Sticky post in Boyo WP blog theme

or you can also open up the post’s page go to Visibility (the ‘Publish’ section in the Post editor on the right) click Edit and check ‘Stick this post to the front page’, click OK and Publish.

Highlighted posts in WP theme
Highlighted posts in the Boyo blog WordPress theme

Of course, remember that if you want the image to be displayed, you must set it first. The image that is displayed on the page is nothing but the featured image.

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3.4.2. Set up Featured Image

Featured Image represent the contents, mood or theme of a post. Featured Image is used in a number of areas like on the homepage, post page, etc.

Open the editor of the post (please go to > Posts > All Posts) then Open the post in which you want to display a unique custom header image (featured image).

Locate the Featured Image module on the right. Click Set Featured Image. Now You can upload your image or choose one from your Media Library.

Where to find Featured image in WordPress
Featured image in Boyo WordPress blog template

Be sure to update your post when you’re finished.

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4. Custom menu

The Boyo theme has 1 top menu.

To add a custom menu in the Boyo theme go to Appearance > Customize > Menus (or Appearance> Menus).
Click Create New Menu, give it a name and check ‘Primary’ if you want it to be the main top menu, click Next < Add Items < Publish.

Custom menu settings in WP template for blog
Menus in Boyo free WordPress theme

In the demo, you will also find the auxiliary menu placed in the Footer Widget. To add such a menu, enter Appearance > Customize > Menus (or Appearance> Menus).
Click Create New menu, give it a name and click Next < Add Items < Publish as you did before.

When your Menu is ready, you just have to put it in the bottom area of the site (exactly in the Footer Widget). To do this enter Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Footer < Add a Widget and select Navigation Menu from the list and select the appropriate Menu from the Select Menu field.

Here you can also go if you want to edit the menu to make changes in it or finish by pressing the Publish button

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4. Widgets Areas

The Boyo has 3 different widgets areas: Top, Bottom, and Footer. You can add additional content to your website in 3 different, specially prepared areas.

Widgets Areas in Boyo WordPress theme
Widgets in Boyo WP template

To configure individual widgets areas please enter Appearance > Customize > Widgets (or Appearance > Widgets)

If you want to change the place of displaying a given plugin within the same area, right click on it, hold and move it.

In turn, if you want to move a given plugin to another widgets area, go to Appearance > Widgets and drag it to the place you want.

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4.1. Top

The Top Widget area has been specially prepared to display ads that you may need on your blog.

Top widget in Boyo WordPress theme
Top widget area in the Boyo blog theme

You can do this by adding an Image widget or Custom HTML widget. Please go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets (or Appearance > Widgets) > Top > Add a Widget > Image or Custom HTML.

When you select Custom HTML in the Content field, enter:

<a href="link, where the image redirect after clicking"><img src="image URL" alt="alternate text" class="aligncenter"></a>

and enjoy your advertisement.



By adding class = “aligncenter” your image will be centered.


If you do not know where to find the image URL, read further on point 4.1.1

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4.1.1. Adding Banner / Image / Advertising

To add an advertisement or banner, first, you must prepare an image. Be sure to read the article: Optimization of images in WordPress. How you should do it and why it is so important.
Then add the image to the Media Library in WordPress. Please go to Media > Library > Add New and Drop your image in the designated place or click Select File to select the image from your computer.

In order for the photo to appear on your website, you need to know its URL. You will find it by clicking Edit on the right side of the loaded photo

Free WordPress blog - adding an image
Uploading an image in WordPress panel

or go to Media > Library click on the photo you like – URL address is on the right.

WordPress free theme - image settings
Image URL in WordPress panel

Copy the URL, then please go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Left Menu > Add a Widget > Custom HTML and enter the following in the body area:

<a href="link, where the image redirect after clicking"><img src="image URL" alt="alternate text"></a>

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4.2. Bottom Widget

The bottom is an area where you can put different plugins. The first three are displayed side by side in three columns. Other plugins are displayed one below the other.
In our demo, you will find here Custom HTML widget (About), Recent Posts and Tags.

Bottom Widget in WordPress free template for bloggers
Bottom Widget area in Boyo WP theme

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The footer widget area displays plugins in three columns. Here you will find the Navigation Menu widget with specially prepared menus, as well as Custom HTML where you will find copyright info.

To add or change Text please go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Left Menu > Add a Widget > Custom HTML and write your text in the content area.

Free WordPress theme for blog - footer area
Footer in Boyo WP theme

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5. Displaying a capital letter in a post or page

Capital letter in a post
Big letter in a post – Boyo free WordPress theme

To add a capital letter to your content, you need to open a post or page and go to the Text tab editor. The ‘Text tab’ is used to writing in HTML code.

Then in the place where you want a large letter to appear, paste the following code:

<span class="first-letter">YOUR LETTER</span>
Boyo free WP template - big letter
Capital letter in Boyo theme

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6. Supported plugins

The Boyo theme is ready for use with the following WordPress plugins:

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