6 Best Free WordPress Themes for Fashion Bloggers

Choosing the right theme will always be quite a difficult task. Mainly because of their amount in the network. The number of free themes increases drastically from day to day. This is good on the one hand – because a few years ago, free themes were ugly and un-functional, and bad at the same time, because finding ‘this one’ requires a lot of work which can overwhelm.
Today I want to focus on choosing the best WordPress theme for fashion bloggers.

It does not matter if you’re just starting blogging and it’s your dream to create a fashion blog, or maybe you’re already an experienced blogger and want to change your theme for some reason. Looking for the right theme will take you some time. A difficult task ahead of you, but do not be discouraged!!!.

Free WordPress themes are very good quality products, and they have the advantage over paid ones, you can change them at any time.
At WordPress.org you can check the features you are looking for and choose the perfect design for you.

Here, I will be listing down few free WordPress themes that you should consider for your fashion blog.


What is a blog - fashion theme for bloggers
Free WordPress fashion blog theme

A Cenote is a beautifully designed WordPress theme which is perfect for fashion bloggers. It has all the design elements that you would look for in a fashion blog theme. Moreover, the theme is extremely easy to set up and you don’t have to go through any hassle while using this theme. The theme has beautiful typography and you can easily run your fashion blog without any problem. If you are thinking of creating a fashion blog, then Cenote can provide you the desired outcome. You can use this theme for a fashion blog and travel bog. You can download the Cenote theme from wordpress.org here.


Silk Lite

How to create a blog in WordPress
Free WP themes for blog begginers

Here is another beautifully designed WordPress theme that can be a perfect option for you if you are running a fashion blog. The theme has an elegant and minimalist design with clean masonry-style layout, modern typography and flexibility. If you are searching for a free WordPress theme for your fashion blog that also has multiple features, then it can be the perfect option for you. You can use this theme design for news, magazine and fashion blog. The code quality is excellent and it is very easy to customize. You can download the Silk Lite theme here.



How to start a blog with Free WordPress theme
Fashion theme for blog begginers

If you are looking for a minimalist design, then this WordPress theme can be a perfect option for you. It has a beautiful color scheme and you can easily set up your fashion WordPress blog without facing any trouble. The theme comes with multiple features including masonry layout, post styles, animations, and an Oblique header. The theme is highly responsive and has a very clean code as well. You can use parallax header, unlimited colors, Google fonts, custom backgrounds, and much more. If you are searching for the best WordPress theme for a fashion blog, then it can be the perfect option for you. You can download the Oblique theme here.


Envy Blog

How to create a fashion blog
WordPress theme for fashion bloggers

Envy Blog is another free WordPress blog theme which is specifically designed for personal blogs. Thanks to its modern and clean look, it’s great for fashion blogs. It has all the amazing features that you are searching for and you can easily manage your blog without any problems. It has a minimalist design and it can be a perfect blog theme if you are running travel, technology or any other blog. If you are searching for a responsive design, then it is a perfect option for you. The theme also has a clean code and is easy to customize to your needs. Envy Blog you will download here.



How to create a blog with WordPress
Free fashion theme

Ashet is a famous free WordPress theme for the fashion bloggers and it is very easy to customize as well. If you are running a fashion blog, then it can be a perfect option for you. It comes with multiple great features including author boxes, widgets, and Instagram slider. Ashe is an excellent theme for blogging and you can use it for your travel or fashion blog. Moreover, the theme is going to give you excellent typography and icons styles. It is a lightweight theme and it has a very responsive design. You can download the theme here.



Blover WosrdPress themes
Blover free wp themes

Blover is another simple and elegant WordPress theme that you can use for your fashion blog. This is the theme of our authorship. If you are searching for a WordPress theme that is perfect for your blogging needs, then you should consider using Blover. You must know that it is a lightweight WordPress theme with clean code. If you are trying to find the perfect WordPress theme which is highly responsive and free of cost, then you should consider this option. The Blover theme is easy to customize even for those who are taking their first steps in blogging. Download the free Blover theme for beginner bloggers.

There are countless free WordPress themes that you can use for your fashion blog. However, the themes listed above have excellent design and will provide you the features that will help you run your fashion blog in an excellent way.

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