4 Best Free WordPress Themes for Food Blogs

If you are a food blogger and run your own kitchen, and you are looking for the right theme for yourself, it’s great that you’ve come here. In this article, I wanted to show the best – in my opinion, free WordPress themes, ideally suited for setting up a food blog.

There is no better place to start than WordPress.org. However, as it turns out, finding the perfect free WordPress theme for a food blog is a difficult task. There are plenty of free themes available, but only a few of them contain some essential features that will help you run a successful blog, and that you should use when you are starting kitchen blogging.

When you start blogging you must be aware of your basic requirements. You should have an excellently designed WordPress theme and you should be aware of the features that you wish to have on your blog.

One of the most important functions in the food blog is the possibility of simply placing recipes. It is important that the recipes in each post look the same, be legible and visible to your reader. The function of adding recipes will help you, in a simple way, organize all the recipes on the page of your food blog. Thanks to it you will be able to manage all recipes available on the website. It will help you to organize your work better in the future.

I will be sharing here the best free WordPress themes for food bloggers so you can select a perfect blogging theme for your blog. In the beginning, I chose four themes, in my opinion, the best. So let’s begin:)

1. Foodica

Blogging beginners - culinary blog
Free WordPress theme for a food blog

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Foodica is a beautiful and elegantly designed WordPress theme which is perfect for the kitchen bloggers. If you are running a food blog, then you should consider using this specific free WordPress theme. This WordPress theme is easy to customize and will provide you with multiple features that will help you run a food blog. Moreover, it is super easy to set up and you won’t face any hassle while using this specific WordPress theme. You will be able to receive features like featured slider, WooCommerce integration, Instagram widget, social icons, full-width page template, banners and much more. You can easily share your recipes and come up with an excellent blog design using this free WordPress theme. What is important Foodica theme is Compatible with the new WordPress block editor named Gutenberg. Foodica theme uses the Recipe Card Blocks free plugin to help you add recipe cards: Ingredients, Directions and more.
You can install a free Foodica theme here.



  • design
  • easy to use
  • quite good documentation
  • works with both the WordPress classic editor and the new WordPress block editor


  • not all widget areas visible on the free demo are available in the free version (like widget area: Homepage below the Slider)
  • not all widgets visible on the free demo are available in the free version ( like WPZOOM:Author Bio or WPZOOM:Image Box in the sidebar ). This misleads the user
  • the recommended plugin for adding recipe cards applies only to the new WordPress block editor
  • Recipe Card Blocks – only for the WordPress block editor

2. Foody Lite

Start a free WordPress kitchen blog
Food Blog for beginners

Foody Lite is another WordPress theme that you can use for kitchen blogging. If you are searching for a free WordPress theme for your blog, then it can be a perfect option for you. Foody Lite is a simple and lightweight WordPress theme. It also comes with built-in social media icons, newsletter, and a WooCommerce. It is most suited for food bloggers and you will be able to create your first food blog with the help of this free WordPress theme. Foody Lite theme uses the WP Recipe Maker free plugin allows you to add recipes to any post or page.
You can download the Foody Lite theme from wordpress.org here.



  • easy to use


  • typography and design needs refinement
  • WP Recipe Maker

The themes presented above are directed directly to the food blogger. This means that along with the theme you also install the recommended free plugins to help you add, for example, a recipe card.

But you can also create a culinary blog from a theme that is not directly targeted at food bloggers. Then you have to install the plugins you need (available on wordpress.org), for example, those that add a recipe card.

However, there are a few disadvantages to this situation.

  • First of all, the plugin may not work properly with the theme you have selected. This is mainly due to the fact that the author of the theme did not adapt it to his theme. There is no way that every theme works with every plugin available on wordpress.org.
  • Secondly, the plugin may not look the best in the theme you’ve chosen. The appearance of the plugin may slightly differ from the look of the theme.
  • Thirdly, you must know that as a rule, a free support of the theme’s author does not include third-party plugins. This is completely understandable. The author of the theme recommending the plugin together with his product undertakes that they will work. He supports these plugins, removes all errors and problems associated with them in his theme.

In spite of these disadvantages, I will suggest below some themes that work great with third-party plugins and will be excellent as food blogs.

3. Boyo

Start food blog with WP theme
Best food WordPress theme

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When you are searching for the free WordPress theme that will provide you with an excellent way to start your food blog, then you should consider Boyo WordPress theme (by BlogOnYourOwn.com). It is the best way to get started with your food blog and it will provide you the desired outcome. It is a modern style WordPress theme. Moreover, the theme is highly customizable and it has very clean code. Infinitely many color change options, several types of post types, two styles of the main page of the blog, readable, refined in every detail font. The Boyo theme is light, fast and optimized for SEO. All these elements make the Boyo theme the perfect template for you. Moreover, the developers of this theme will provide you with excellent support so you don’t have to face any problems at all while using this theme.
Download the Boyo WordPress theme.



  • design
  • demo import
  • easy to use
  • detailed documentation
  • works with both the WordPress classic editor and the new WordPress block editor


  • no recommended plugins for the food blog

Free plugins that you may install to add recipes:

  • Recipe Card Blocks – for WordPress block editor.

For WordPress classic editor:

  • WP Recipe Maker or
  • Recipe Cards For Your Food Blog or
  • WP Ultimate Recipe or
  • Create by Mediavine.

4. Veganos

How to start food blog
Food blogs theme for beginners

Veganos is a simple and minimalist free WordPress theme built using the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg). This responsive design will provide you with an excellent way to create a beautiful and stunning food blog. It is packed with multiple features like testimonials, shop e.t.c. and most importantly the theme is free of cost. You will be able to enjoy modern and easy-to-read typography of this beautifully designed WordPress theme. If you are looking for the best free WordPress theme for kitchen blogging, then you should consider installing this specific theme.
You can download the Veganos theme from wordpress.org here.



  • design
  • demo import
  • easy to use


  • no  recommended plugins for the food blog

A plugin that you may install to add recipes:

  • Recipe Card Blocks – for WordPress block editor


More and more free themes have great quality, excellent support, and hence great value. Starting your adventure with a blog, always choose available free solutions. Thanks to this, nothing will disturb your blogging pleasure.
At the beginning try to choose a simple, uncomplicated theme, preferably one that has detailed documentation. Thanks to this you can handle it yourself.

And then as you grow your blog, you decide what to do next.
Good luck.

If you know other great free WordPress themes, share your opinion in the comment.

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