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In today’s world, information can be retrieved with just a click of a button. Information comes to us, rather than us looking for it. Blogs have especially gained popularity within a short period. Isn’t it exciting that just anyone can start a blog from any part of the world? Before I dive deep into the different top bloggers of 2019, we have first to understand what a blog is and how it works.

A blog is a platform where either one person or a group of people share their views and opinions about a specific topic. It is interesting to note that the posts usually appear in reverse chronological order, where the latest post appears first. These posts could be in any form you would please.

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Blogs are gaining a lot of popularity while their audience is growing at the speed of light with each passing day. Some focus on stories, others photos or videos, but most bloggers do a bit of both.

The main aim of running a blog is to deliver content that targets your niche. When utilized to its maximum potential, a blog could be an essential marketing tool that can turn a mere hobby into a cash cow. All this is, of course, also building brands, marketing products or services, and polishing up writing, editing, modeling, or photography skills. You name it!

The following is a list of some of the fans’ favorite blogs in the year 2019. As I had mentioned earlier, some blogs are run by a group of people. However, I will highlight those run by remarkable individuals who are shining in their fields. It will feature blogs from different sectors such as food, technology, wellness, skincare & beauty, fashion, and health, respectively.

Our list of best blogs and bloggers

1. Naturally Ella

Popular blogs and best bloggers

With the rise of numerous lifestyle diseases, healthy eating habits cannot be stressed enough. Erin Anderson, a photographer, is the genius behind this blog. The food she prepares makes clean eating look fun and exploratory. What makes her blog fun is that it has a pantry section where her audience can pick up an ingredient and find various recipes for it. Moreover, it also has a guide on how to stock up a pantry and creative ways to incorporate leftovers into yummy meals to reduce food waste.

Did I mention her food is all vegetarian? Another thing her blog zeros in on is component cooking which is making a large quantity of food for the week. After that, the batch can be split into smaller chunks for daily meals which are prepared and cooked differently. It makes cooking less chore-like and saves you a tonne of time and energy. I have to mention that this technique was lifted from her book ‘Sharing 50 base recipes for playing in the kitchen’ which has a variety of recipes. Erin herself uses the back pocket recipes herself with a lot of variations. Being a photographer gives her an upper hand in her field. She not only prepares the finger-licking food but also gets to take marvelous photos of them.

2. SheGeeks

Top bloggers and their popular blogs

When Corvida Raven was asked why she started her blog, her reply was very simple. She wanted to help people understand Tech in plain English. Technology has engulfed our day-to-day life in all manner of aspects, yet we still have a hard time grasping it entirely. Her blog is divided into three broad categories which make it easy for her audience to navigate their way through this space.

Apps and Tools is the section that deals with innovations that she has found striking and game-changing. The Social Media category is the most popular as it has updates on every new feature, no matter how small, on every social media platform. Last but not least, she gives her honest opinion on different features and technological advances in the Tech Opinion category. This blog has propelled Corvida to receive numerous awards. Although she mentioned that she preferred it when people recognized her from her work, she said that race was a huge aspect of her life. There were times when she could not avoid talking about race in the tech industry.

3. Lavendaire

Best bloggers blog examples

A mind is a powerful tool we have been gifted with. We’ve all heard it before. Aileen re-emphasizes this point in her blog. She is a big believer in living life to the fullest. It is attained by living life on your terms. And being at peace with where you are at this very moment. Instead of complaining about how hard life can be, she advocates for acknowledging that things may not always go as planned. But it is preparing you for the next stage. More often than not, she gives tips on how to live a more fulfilling life by taking control of your thoughts, your time, and your habits. On top of that, she believes that we are the architects of our lives. And can design how we want it to look like by setting daily goals that will get us closer and closer to our dreams.

4. Peach & Lily

Top blogs and best bloggers

Alica, the founder of Peach & Lily, decided to explore the world of skincare. The journey that led her to start this blog was an interesting one. When she was 18, a woman approached her when she was with her friends, heading to the club in Seoul, Korea. She complimented her on her make-up and told her to consider that as a career path. This stirred a lot of interest in Alicia. She later pursued this in college and was great at it. Later on, she joined Harvard Business School to plunge herself into the business aspect of her field.

It was in the USA that she realized most of her friends were intrigued by Korean Skincare products. Eventually, she decided to combine her passion with her discovery that Westerners love Korean products. In 2012, she quit her job and started the Peach and Lily brand, which is still standing to date. What makes her relatable is the fact that she struggled with eczema throughout her entire childhood. Therefore, skincare comes from a very personal place.

5. Attire Studios

Popular blogs

This fashion blog is a breath of fresh air. One of the many reasons is because Athena Ng is naturally an adventurous person. Her hair color changes like the weather, and her unpredictability makes her audience crave more and more. Growing up in Hong Kong, she never liked her dark hair but would die it anyway, even though it was illegal to do so in school. She admits that she now adores her black hair and was rebelling against authority to stand out from the crowd. The outspoken beauty is more than entertaining. She is obsessed with lipsticks and perfumes. She loves Hermes perfume, and Anastacia Beverly Hills has to be her favorite lipstick brand.

Besides fashion, Athena loves to travel, working out, and eating minimally. In fact, she is so spontaneous that her favorite kind of holiday is one that unexpectedly occurs out of the blue and falls right into place. Her blog is exquisite documentation of the bits and bobs of things that ignite her passion, and she executes this in an exemplary fashion. It is also interesting to watch how Hong Kong meets New York fashion and glam.

6. Ben Greenfield

Best bloggers & blog examples

People want to be fit for various reasons. Ben Greenfield’s blog gives an insight into what it means to be healthy and how hard one has to work towards achieving it. According to him, fitness is ironic in the sense that it has so little to do with the body itself. It has so much to do with the mental aspect. The mind determines the willingness to push further even when the body seems to have given up. It is the one that fights through the pain that the body is exposed to when it is working out. It is the one that opts for a healthier option when the body craves all the junk that does nothing but slows it down even further.

For Ben, fitness is a lifestyle and one that demands commitment. Nobody said it was easy; and if it were, everyone would be walking around with ripped bodies.


Life is so much better with blogs. Who knew reading other people’s stories would be so therapeutic? Apart from kindling interest, inspiration, and curiosity, blogs also display different angles and perspectives people have towards everything to do with the world.

Even though you might not agree on everything these bloggers have to say, we have to appreciate that it is their take on some issues. You would be surprised at the similarities you will share with the bloggers who blog about stuff you would not necessarily be amused by.

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