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Thanks to the internet, the world is more open than ever before. More and more people have the opportunity to work remotely, and more and more companies are looking for such employees. It is a very convenient solution for both sides. One of the most open industries is remote writing jobs. Available to all who have access to the internet and who can write smoothly.

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If you’re comfortable writing and dreaming of working from home, you should consider all available remote writing opportunities. No matter how old you are, if you love writing, don’t hesitate any more and start doing what you love. Believe me; it’s a great time to start developing your passion. You are in the right place at the right time. Don’t miss your chance.

The beginnings are always tricky. However, you must overcome them if you want to go further. You must decide for yourself what kind of work you want to do. Maybe you want to be a freelance writer who decides what and for whom he will write and is continually looking for new assignments. Or perhaps you prefer to be a remote employee who performs the tasks assigned to him. You have many options.

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In this article, I will tell you what types of remote writing jobs are available and where to look for a remote writing job best.

1. Benefits of remote writing jobs
2. Best remote writing jobs to look for
3. Where to find remote writing jobs
4. What can help you find a remote writing job

Benefits of remote writing jobs

You manage time yourself

In remote writing, you decide when you work. You can work early in the morning or even at night if you prefer. You can have a long lunch or take a free morning if you like. Nothing limits you. Every day you manage your time according to your needs. It means that you can spend more time with family and friends.

You work wherever you want

Remote job allows you to work from anywhere in the world. You can work at home, or maybe you prefer cafes or the beach? It all depends on you. All you need is the internet.

Saving money

You don’t have to commute, refuel, buy tickets, elegant costumes. It is a significant saving. Plus, you can dress the way you like it every day.

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You are your boss

You decide what remote projects you will work on, and you set your work schedule. Freedom and flexibility are the best benefits of writing remotely.

Increased productivity

When you work on your terms, in complete harmony with yourself, your work is done much better and much faster. Therefore, you are happy, you have more energy, and everything you do is done better.

Best remote writing jobs to look for


The goal of copywriting is to increase brand awareness.
Copywriting consists of writing texts used in the press, radio, television, online advertising, and all other promotional materials, such as leaflets, brochures, catalogs, websites, social media, blogs, e-mails, etc.

Also, in many cases, the copywriter creates SEO texts that are used to position websites in search engines, product descriptions in online stores, run a blog, or company profile on social media.

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Content Writer

This type of work involves writing all kinds of content: most often blog articles.

First of all, running a blog is a great way to attract users, attract attention, and gain authority. Besides, valuable blog content helps in positioning pages in search engines. That’s why many companies have blogs that need content always.
It is an excellent opportunity for remote writers.

In this kind of work, you must be open to new things. You must be aware that you will have to learn and acquire new knowledge.


Proofreading is an excellent complement to your creative work. The task of the remote proofreader is to check the correctness of a given text in terms of grammatical errors, spelling errors, formatting, and syntax errors. And that’s it. You don’t change the text itself. You only correct any errors in it.

Probably, proofreading is not a job that will satisfy your creativity, but maybe it will give you a fixed salary. Thanks to this, you will have more time to find your dream remote writing job.


The editor’s work is more extensive than the proofreader mentioned above. Editing writing jobs allow you to make changes to the content. The remote editor is not only about error correction, but he can also change the modified text. It is to make the content clear, fluid, and legible to the final recipient.


If you know several languages and have a talent for writing, a translator is a job that you should like.

If you know several languages, a remote translator is a job that you should like. It involves translating a given text into other languages. Because English is a global language, an excellent command of English is essential in this industry. Most of the texts are translated into this language. Sounds good, right?

However, the big obstacle in finding a remote interpreter job is the experience required.


Another great remote writing job is remote transcribing, which is the transformation of speech into text.

Building a brand and reaching as many users as possible are the most important goals of today’s companies. After all, the more people know about you, the more successful you will be. And how best to reach users? You need to provide them with content in various forms. Some prefer to listen, others watch the video, and others prefer to read. Hence the high demand for remote transcribing.

Quiz and Test Writer

When the internet wasn’t so common, writing quizzes and tests (especially for newspapers) was a tiny niche. Today is completely different. Each company can easily interact with its users via social networking sites. To attract, interest, and engage the user offers him, among others, various quizzes and tests.

This unusual form of interaction needs a remote writer to write. You can also become a remote quiz or test writer. Is this a dream job for you?

Course Writer

You may not believe me, but the course era has just begun. The number of various courses you can find on the internet is vast. And thanks to easy accessibility the number of applicants is not smaller at all. And it is entirely understandable.

This remote writing job requires you to write a course lesson on a specific topic. Often it will require expanding knowledge, learning an entirely new subject that you do not know. You must be open to new things and willing to learn.

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Where to find remote writing jobs

The demand for remote writers is enormous, which is why there are plenty of portals to help you find remote writing jobs online. These are sites where you will find full or part-time employment as well as sites that will allow you to work as a freelancer.

I have prepared a list of those that you should visit to find remote jobs.

1. SalesFolk

Remote writing job in Sales Folk
Sales Folk

One of the most exciting companies to which you can apply as a remote writer is SalesFolk. This company writes cold emails that help B2B sales and marketing organizations start conversations with future customers.

Writing is critical here, but in addition to this skill, you’ll also learn the best sales practices. It, in turn, may be useful for you when selling your services.

SalesFolk offers its candidates months of practical experience and training from the most experienced editors. Only to choose the best among them who will be able to bid on clients’ email campaigns.

Only the best ones work there, so the competition is quite high.

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2. Enago

Remote jobs in Enago

When you are looking for a remote writing job, be sure to visit this page. Enago offers services that help authors improve the quality and presentation of manuscripts to ensure their publication success. The company deals with various types of editing, formatting, and reviewing texts, as well as proofreading. It also offers academic and technical translations in multiple languages.

If your native language is English, you have a good chance of becoming an editor. Take your chance.

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3. Moravia – for translation jobs

Writing job in Moravia
Moravia for translation jobs

Another company worth paying attention to is Moravia. Moravia is a large company that has been involved in translation work for many years. Helps companies create content in over 250 different languages. Their comprehensive service attracts large global brands, which makes Moravia a perfect cooperation partner.

If you know several languages, ​​and working as a remote translator is what you are looking for, be sure to check their website. Register and join the group of freelancers in Moravia.com.

4. Transcribe Me – for transcription jobs

Remote writing job in Transcribe Me
Transcribe Me – remote writing job

One of the exciting options for remote writing is transcription. Quite a large number of companies need to transcribe audio and video materials into high-quality text.

TranscribeMe offers just such services. And you can become a member of this unique community. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection. To join the team, however, you must pass an internal classification exam, which will indicate whether you have the appropriate predisposition for such work.

Besides, TranscribeMe.com also translates audio, video, and text files into any foreign language. So if you know several languages, work at TranscribeMe.com will be perfect for you.

5. Compose.ly

Writing jobs on Compose.ly

Another great option to consider when looking for a remote writing job online is Compose.ly. This platform connects authors with companies that need their writing services. Two worlds meet in one place.

The only thing you have to do is register as an author and complete a standard written test. Once you are accepted into the Compose.ly team, you can start looking for your clients.

The most important thing is that at Compose.ly you decide what work to do. You have complete control over the choice of job. You can adapt the work to your strengths and preferences.
If you think that such a platform is an excellent place for you, do not wait any longer and register with Compose.ly today.

6. Contena.co

Remote jobs for writers

If you want to develop your career as a remote writer, but you don’t know where to start, Contena.co will be an excellent solution for you.

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Contena.co is a paid platform only for registered users (the lowest plan starts from $ 42 per month). Offers an initial course that will show you how to start your remote writing work step by step. You will learn what to look for and what steps you need to take to succeed.

In addition to the course, Contena also offers other resources. One is the job board, which only contains the best remote writing jobs available. In turn, another resource is the extensive database of companies employing remote writers. What’s more, in the Platinum plan, you will get access to a trainer who will help you refine your portfolio and develop your writing activity.

7. Morning Coffee Newsletter

Work from home jobs
Morning Coffee Newsletter

If you do not like to browse websites offering work, Morning Coffee eNewsletter can replace you in this task. The only thing you have to do is to sign up for the newsletter. Every morning you will receive free job alerts, straight to your email. Comfortable, fast, and without unnecessary waste of time.

The Morning Coffee newsletter has been published for over 20 years by freelancewriting.com. Most importantly, it contains only writing jobs for freelancers. So you don’t have to break through thousands of unwanted other offers.

If you are interested in remote writing work, be sure to check this option, as well.

8. Journalism Jobs

Jobs for writers - stay at home jobs
Journalism Jobs – work at home jobs

This is the largest and most-visited site where you’ll find various job offers related to journalism. JournalismJobs.com was founded in August 1998 by Dan Rohn, a former business editor, and writer. A great place where you can find job offers from the largest and most respected companies in the industry, such as Time Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, or USA Today.

9. Glassdoor

Find remote writing job with Glassdoor

One of the most significant websites with job and recruitment offers in the world is Glassdoor. It is established in 2007 in California. It provides millions of newest jobs, but not only. As a registered user, you have insight into company reviews, salary reports, benefits reviews, office photos, and much more. Thanks to this, you can get to know the company better before you hire.

10. ZipRecruiter

Freelance writing jobs

There are more and more platforms on the internet that help you find a job. You only need to focus on a few of them. Otherwise, instead of writing, you will be looking for a job all day. Check out ZipRecruiter.co.uk

ZipRecruiter is another platform that will help you find your dream remote writing job. You will find here over a million different job offers, so there is a good chance that you will find your dream job for yourself. What distinguishes ZipRecruiter is the highest rated application for searching job offers on Android and iOS.

11. LinkedIn Jobs

Freelance writer jobs
LinkedIn Jobs

Another site worth visiting is all well-known LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the largest professional community network in the world. This portal, with over 645 million users, also supports job offers.

Due to the business reputation, when looking for a remote writing job, it is worth keeping LinkedInJobs.com in mind.

Besides, you can also join any of the writing groups on LinkedIn to provide networking opportunities, get in touch with other authors, promote your writing, and get support and independent knowledge.

12. Indeed

Content writer jobs at Indeed.com
Content writer jobs at Indeed.com

This is another large recruitment portal, with over 250 million unique users per month. Indeed is a global leader that puts job seekers first. Thanks to this, you have free access to search jobs, and the company offers.

13. Directly on companies websites

To find a remote writing job, you can also search for companies that employ remote writers directly through their website. It’s a lot more work, but it’s worth it. You’ll be surprised at how many companies use remote employees. To start with, try checking pages like:

  • Animalz
  • Talent Inc.
  • Doubledot Media
  • Stickyeyes
  • Film Daily
  • Gadget Flow

What can help you find a remote writing job?

Whether you want to work as a freelancer or you are looking for remote employment in a company, remember about self-promotion.

1. Build a portfolio

Beginnings are always the hardest. Because how to create your portfolio if nobody wants to hire you. Guest posts on other blogs are a perfect solution. In the beginning, you can write to them for free. Over time, you’ll see that your customers will come to you personally.

2. Create a website or blog

How to start a WordPress blog

You will have a much better chance of earning money if everyone around you knows what you are doing.

So you can create a website with a simple free WordPress theme, where the only small cost will be the purchase of hosting.

Also, thanks to the website, you will be more credible, and you will have a better chance of finding customers who will see your site in Google search.

3. Marketing

Not everyone knows about marketing – that’s understandable. To increase your chances, you should understand the basic principles of SEO. Thanks to this, you will be able to increase organic traffic on your website.

4. Contact other bloggers

Good relationships and cooperation with bloggers is often the key to success. Blog business is still flourishing. And the remote writer is always at a premium.

5. Tell everyone what you do

All your friends and family should know what you are doing. The more people know the better chance you have to earn money.

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As you can see, a remote content writer can do many different things: from translations, transcriptions, to writing articles on various topics. As a content writer, join different writing groups on LinkedIn or Facebook. Meet others who love writing as much as you do. Develop your skills and share them with others.

There are many great portals where you can find a remote writing job. However, start with the few mentioned above and check which ones suit you best.


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