38 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

In today’s digital era, pet lovers have a wealth of information and community at their fingertips, thanks to the proliferation of pet blogs. Whether you’re a dog devotee, a cat connoisseur, or an enthusiast of all things furry and feathered, there’s a pet blog out there for you. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top pet blogs that have captured the hearts of animal lovers worldwide and also provide some vital tips.

List of Top Pet Blogs

Pet Blogs For Dog Owners

1. Modern Dog

modern dog pet blog homepage

For dog owners seeking advice on pet care, training tips, and the latest trends in the dog world, Modern Dog is a must-visit. This pet blog covers a wide range of topics, from health and wellness to travel and lifestyle, all centered around our canine companions.

2. BarkPost

bark post pet blog for dog owners home

BarkPost is the official blog of BarkBox, a subscription service for dog toys and treats. This blog is a fun and light hearted destination for dog owners, featuring entertaining articles, humorous videos, and also heart-warming stories about dogs. It’s the perfect place to unwind and indulge in some dog-related content.

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3. Puppy Leaks

puppy leaks pet blog home

For dog owners in need of practical training tips and advice, Puppy Leaks is a fantastic resource. This pet blog covers various aspects of dog training, behaviour, and the challenges faced by dog owners, making it easier to navigate the world of canine companionship.

4. My Brown Newfies

my brown newfies homepage

My Brown Newfies is a charming blog dedicated to Newfoundland dogs. The blog shares insights and personal stories about life with these gentle giants, hence making it an enjoyable read for Newfie enthusiasts.

Pet Blogs for Cat Owners

5. Jackson Galaxy

jackson galaxy pet blog home page

Catering to cat lovers, Jackson Galaxy’s blog is a feline haven. Jackson is a renowned cat behaviourist and also a television personality, known for his show “My Cat From Hell.” His blog is filled with invaluable insights into understanding and improving the lives of our feline friends.

6. Catster

catster homepage

Catster is the cat lover’s equivalent of Modern Dog Magazine. It offers a wealth of information on cat care, behaviour, as well as breed-specific advice. Cat owners will find everything they need to ensure their feline friends lead happy, healthy lives.

7. Conscious Cat

conscious cat homepage

Conscious Cat is dedicated to cat wellness and holistic living. It offers insightful articles on cat health, nutrition, and behaviour, as well as product reviews and giveaways. If you’re interested in providing your cat with the best possible care and living a holistic lifestyle, this blog is a treasure trove of information.

8. The Purrington Post

the purrington post blog home page

The Purrington Post celebrates all things related to cats, from heart-warming stories to cat-inspired art and culture. This blog is a delightful blend of entertainment and information for cat enthusiasts who want to dive into the world of feline fascination.

9. Feline Living

feline living homepage

Feline Living is a blog tailored for cat owners, offering advice on cat nutrition, behaviour, and wellness. It also features product reviews and recommendations for all things related to cats.

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Pet Blogs for Rabbit Owners

10. Bunny Approved

bunny approved pet blog home page

Bunny Approved is a blog for rabbit owners, offering tips on rabbit care, diet, and bunny-proofing your home. It’s a guide for anyone sharing their life with these adorable creatures.

11. Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF)

rabbit welfare association and fund home

This blog is dedicated to the welfare of rabbits. Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) provides valuable information on rabbit care, health, and advocacy for proper treatment of these gentle creatures.

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Pet Blogs for Reptile Owners

12. The Reptile Report

the reptile report homepage

For reptile lovers, The Reptile Report is a treasure trove of information. It covers topics ranging from reptile care and breeding as well as conservation efforts for these fascinating creatures.

13. The Turtle Room

the turtle room pet blog home

For those who adore turtles and tortoises, The Turtle Room blog is a fantastic resource. It offers insights into the care and conservation of these unique reptiles and also showcases various turtle species.

14. Snake Discovery

snake discovery blog home page

For snake lovers and reptile keepers, Snake Discovery shares insights into the world of snakes. It covers snake care, education, and also some fascinating snake-related stories.

15. Turtleholic

turtleholic pet blog home page

Turtleholic is a blog that celebrates turtles of all kinds. It provides information on turtle care, conservation efforts, and the unique characteristics of various turtle species.

16. Chameleon Breeder Podcast

chameleon breeder podcast home

If you’re intrigued by chameleons and their care, this podcast-style blog shares discussions and insights into chameleon breeding and husbandry.

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Pet Blogs for Bird Owners

17. Bird Watching HQ

bird watching HQ pet blog home

For bird enthusiasts, Bird Watching HQ is a go-to source for birdwatching tips, guides, and fascinating bird facts. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or just starting out, this blog will help you appreciate the avian world in all its beauty.

18. Parrot Town

parrot town pet blog home page

Parrot Town is all about parrots and their unique personalities. This blog offers advice on parrot care, training, and enrichment to ensure that these intelligent birds lead happy lives.

19. The Poultry Site

the poultry site blog home page

Poultry enthusiasts and backyard chicken keepers will find The Poultry Site to be a valuable resource. It covers poultry health, husbandry, as well as industry news.

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Pet Blogs for Fish Owners

20. Fishkeeping World

fishkeeping world pet blog home page

Fishkeeping World is a fantastic blog for aquarium hobbyists. It provides guidance on setting up and maintaining aquariums, as well as information about various fish species and aquatic plants.

21. FishLab

fish lab blog home

FishLab is a blog dedicated to aquarium fish and aquatic plants. It offers information on aquarium setup, fish care, and also creating beautiful underwater landscapes.

22. Betta Fish Center

betta fish center blog homepage

Betta fish owners can find a wealth of info on Betta Fish Center, including tips on Betta care, breeding, and understanding the unique personalities of these colourful fish.

23. Aquarium Breeder

aquarium breeder pet blog home page

If you’re into shrimp and snail keeping within your aquarium, Aquarium Breeder shares insights into the care and breeding of these tiny but fascinating aquatic creatures.

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Other Useful Pet Blogs

24. The Dodo

the dodo pet blog home page

The Dodo is not just a pet blog but also a comprehensive platform dedicated to animals. It features heart-warming stories, videos, and articles about animals from all walks of life. If you’re an animal lover who wants to keep up with the latest news and heart-warming tales from the animal kingdom, The Dodo is your go-to source.

25. PetMD

petmd home page

PetMD is like an encyclopedia for pet health and well-being. This blog is a trusted resource for pet owners seeking accurate and up-to-date information on various pet health issues. From common ailments to emergency situations, PetMD provides valuable insights to help pet owners make informed decisions about their pets’ health.

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26. Petful

petful pet blog home page

Petful is an excellent resource for pet owners looking for information on pet food recalls, nutrition, as well as pet care tips. Moreover their team of experts provides well-researched articles on a variety of topics to keep your pets happy and healthy.

27. Two Tails Pet Company

two tails company home page

Two Tails Pet Company is not just a blog but also a store that offers eco-friendly and sustainable pet products. Their blog focuses on promoting a greener and more sustainable approach to pet ownership, hence making it a great choice for environmentally conscious pet lovers.

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28. Small Animal Talk

small animal talk pet blog home page

Small Animal Talk is a blog focusing on the health as well as well-being of small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more. It offers valuable advice for keeping these furry friends content as well as healthy.

29. Gerbil Welfare

gerbil welfare pet blog home page

Gerbil Welfare is a great pet blog for gerbil owners. It provides essential information on gerbil care, behaviour, as well as health, ensuring that these small rodents thrive in captivity.

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30. Hedgehog Welfare Society

hedgehog welfare society homepage

For those who love hedgehogs, Hedgehog Welfare Society blog offers insights into hedgehog care, behaviour, and conservation efforts to protect these adorable spiky pets.

31. Rat Guide

rat guide pet blog home page

Rat Guide is a comprehensive resource for rat owners. Moreover it provides in-depth information on rat health, behaviour, and proper care, ensuring that pet rat owners can keep their furry friends happy and healthy.

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32. Groomer to Groomer

groomer to groomer pet website home page

For pet grooming professionals and pet owners looking for grooming tips, Groomer to Groomer blog provides insights into the art of pet grooming, including techniques, product recommendations, and industry trends. Hence making a perfect pet blog for pet owners.

33. Pawcurious

pawcurious pet blog home page

Pawcurious, run by a veterinarian, covers a wide range of pet-related topics, including heart-warming stories, medical insights, as well as advice for pet owners.

34. The Tarantula Collective

the tarantula collective home page

For those who appreciate arachnids, The Tarantula Collective blog offers valuable advice on tarantula care, habitat setup, and also handling tips for tarantula owners.

35. Beekeeping Like a Girl

beekeeping like a girl blog homepage

For beekeeping enthusiasts, Beekeeping Like a Girl offers a female perspective on beekeeping, including tips on hive management, honey harvesting, as well as the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

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36. The Horse

the horse pet blog home page

For equine enthusiasts and horse owners, The Horse is a comprehensive resource covering topics related to horse health, care, and also equestrian sports. It’s a valuable hub for those passionate about horses.

37. Guinea Lynx

guinea lynx blog home page

Guinea Lynx is a must-visit blog for guinea pig owners. It provides in-depth information on guinea pig care, health, and behaviour, ensuring that these small, lovable pets receive the best care possible.

38. Ferret World

ferret-world pet blog home page

If you’re a ferret owner or enthusiast, Ferret World blog is an informative resource. It also covers ferret care, health, and fun facts about these playful and curious creatures.

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These top pet blogs cater to a wide range of pet lovers, offering expert advice, heart-warming stories, as well as practical tips to enhance your relationship with your beloved pets. Whether you’re a dog person, a cat lover, or passionate about other animals, these blogs provide valuable resources to make your pet ownership journey more enjoyable and fulfilling. So, dive into the world of pet blogs and discover the wealth of information and inspiration they have to offer.

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