16 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2020

Lifestyle blogs are trendy in recent years, and there is no indication that this will change soon. New niches are created, which, in a short time, to gain a considerable number of fans.

If you dream about becoming a lifestyle blogger, and you want to start a blog, you might wish first to understand what a lifestyle blog is.

What is a lifestyle blog – definition

A lifestyle blog is defined as digital content representing the author’s everyday life and interests. The word “lifestyle” according to the dictionary  means “habits, attitudes, moral standards, which together constitute the way of life of a given person or group.” (source: dictionary.com).

These types of blogs are not personal blogs because they focus more on users (readers). The content is created here for the reader and his expectations. What’s more, lifestyle blogs focus on the author’s benefits, not just on telling stories.

In personal blogs, the most important are the emotions and thoughts of the author, who expresses his opinions, writes about his experiences, feelings, reflections. In the personal blog, the author himself is the most important, not the reader.

Most of the Lifestyle blogs are more like magazines. They have beautiful photos – refined in every detail, attract the attention of people with similar interests in a specific purpose. Their authors recommend services or various products, such as clothes, cosmetics, interior design products, etc.

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Here are some examples: a magazine editor who is married, in her mid-30s with a toddler living in Manhattan who writes about “Moms in Manhattan” and presents the best products for her baby. Or a blogger who is a 24-yr old male who travels the world surfing and writes “Under the Waves.” A surfer blog that writes about the struggles of surfing during certain seasons, recommending the best places to stay at the same time.

These are just a few examples of what lifestyle blogging can be.

Lifestyle blog categories (niches)

Many lifestyle bloggers embrace their experience or career origins when they are finding their “niche” to write in, like make-up, fashion, baking, travel, photography, health, fitness, décor, being a stay at home mom – subjects like that. So, the first goal for you will find what you want to write about! And from experience I’ve learned, “stay in your lane” – don’t mix genres of writing.

For example, if you are interested in traveling, photography, and you are involved in the wine industry at the same time, you should have two blogs. One for your photography and travel (since those two go hand in hand) and a separate blog just for your work in the wine industry. Those two have very different audiences, and because of that, you should choose to use host two separate blogs to support the two subjects you write.

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Now that can be a lot of work for people, but that is my professional recommendation if you are wanting to write about different subjects. Now, for example, I can use some lifestyle blogs from one aspect and share them with another blog I am writing, like fashion or cooking. In that instance, I can cross-post my audiences because they are related to one another. But if you want to write about make-up and sports at the same time … doesn’t cross relate to a very large audience.

Find what you are passionate about and what you want to write about and then just start writing.

Top lifestyle blogs

I have prepared a list of the best lifestyle blogs that are worth visiting. Check how they inspire their audiences from around the world. Here are the top 17 best lifestyle bloggers to follow (random order):

1. Say Yes

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The founder of this award-winning site is Liz Stanley. She began her blogging adventure in 2006 with the Hoboken site, which in time became the Say Yes blog. Say Yes celebrates family life. This is a website devoted to lifestyle with practical advice on home, travel, and personal style.

Say Yes - lifestyle blog
Say Yes

2. Cookin with Mima

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Cookin with Mima was founded by Mariam Ezzeddine and grew out of her passion for food. Mima – mother of two wonderful sons, shares her passion with readers, wants to convey to everyone that cooking does not have to be difficult, and everyone can do it. On the Cookin with Mima website, Miriam presents simple recipes of delicious dishes that anyone can prepare. You can also find Cookin with Mima on Instagram.

Best Lifestyle blogs to follow
Cookin with Mima

3. Design*Sponge

Design * Sponge is a blog founded in 2004 by Grace Bonney, today it has around 2 million readers per month. From a personal blog about interiors and DIY Design * Sponge has become a popular magazine about art, culture, focused on the creative community. The goal of Design * Sponge is to make the world of art and design a personal world.

Best Lifestyle blog

4. Huda Beauty

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In 2010, Huda Kattan set up her Huda Beauty blog to share her passion for beauty and make-up. From her childhood, Huda felt that “Beauty can change the way a woman feels,” makes her “fearless, unstoppable.” The blog was created out of pure passion and willingness to share hacks and DIYs. On her blog, Huda shares her beauty tips, tests products, advises on professional make-up. She founded the cosmetic brand Huda Beauty.

Best Lifestyle blogs
Huda Beauty Blog

5. Fit Men Cook

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The Fit Men Cook blog was founded by Kevin Curry in 2012 to share recipes during his diet, build a community around healthy food and, above all, to motivate himself in overcoming the difficulties of weight loss. Kevin focuses on easy, simple recipes that are to be the basis for building new, healthy habits. Fit Men Cook from a small personal blog has become a media empire. Kevin is the author of the cookbook and the FitMenCook app.

Lifestyle blogs to follow
Fit Men Cook – Lifestyle Blog

6. Kayla Itsines

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She is recognized by Time magazine as one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet. Founder of the blog: kaylaitsines.com, where she offers training guides, recipes, and educates readers about a healthy lifestyle. Kayla’s mission is to help women achieve a perfect level of fitness and a sense of greater confidence and happiness. She created her training programs – Bikini Body Guides (BBG) and BBG Stronger. Kayla is a co-founder of The Bikini Body Training Company.

Best lifestyle blogs
Kayla Itsines

7. Joanna Goddard

She writes a “Cup of Joe” she has been writing this blog since 2007 as a hobby, but it became not only a full-time job inspiring people around the world.

The best blogs this year
A Cup of Jo

8. Akanksha Redhu

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She writes an award-winning blog about fashion, lifestyle, travel, yoga, or media. Click here to view the Akanksha Redhu blog.

Best lifestyle blogs
Akanksha Redhu

9. Andrew Snavely

The Writer of Primer Magazine shares content for men who are looking to improve their life and clothing styles.

The best lifestyle bloggers
Primer Magazine

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

She started to write a blog in 2008, sharing advice about food, beauty, style, and how she balances it all while working as an actress. Her blog is named Goop.com

Best blogs and bloggers
Goop – a lifestyle blog

11. Bright Bazaar

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Bright Bazaar blog was founded in 2009 by Will Taylor. This is the place where Will blogs about his love for colorful design, travel, and fashion. Bright Bazaar blog is recommended by such recognized publishing houses as Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, and many others.

Best bloggers in lifestyle
Bright Bazaar – blog

12. Shut up and go

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Shut Up and Go is a blog founded by a pair of well-known YouTubers: American Damon Dominique and Brazilian Joanna (Jo) Franco. See for yourself that the world has no limits, live as you dreamed, no one will stop you – unless you.

best lifestyle bloggers
Shut Up and Go

13. Chiara Ferragni

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In 2009, Chiara Ferragni founded a fashion blog: The Blonde Salad, which achieved incredible success. Today, Chiara cooperates with the largest brands and has its shoe line.

Lifestyle blogs and bloggers
The Blonde Salad blog

14. Love Taza

Love Taza is a parenting blog. Naomi (also known as Taza) on her blog shares her motherhood, parenting, and life in New York city since 2007. Initially, the blog was for a handful of friends and family, with time it was on the Forbes list among the top 10 blogs.

Best lifestyle blogs
Love Taza – Parenting blog

15. iJustine

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Justine Ezarik founded her blog in 2002 (when she was in college) creating video content about Apple products. Today her blog belongs to one of the most popular in the tech industry. In 2017 Forbs distinguished iJustine on the list of the top 10 tech & business influencers.

Best lifestyle bloggers
iJustine – tech blog

16. Barefoot Blonde

Among the best lifestyle blogs, I also have to mention Barefoot Blonde. Full of positive energy, Amber Fillerup Clark, the author of this blog, shares daily thoughts, hair tutorials, travel tips, and style tips. You will find a lot of inspiration from interior design, through traveling to beauty and fashion.

Barefoot Blonde - Lifestyle blog

These are all great examples of very successful lifestyle bloggers. Don’t feel like you need to have over a million followers on Instagram before you start writing your blog if you have something to say – WRITE IT!

Don’t let the lack of people knowing who you are; stop you from following your passion. No one got their start easy; it takes time and dedication. If you’re ready to start your own blog, I have some simple tips for you, that will help you get started.

The most important thing is that what you are writing about is important to you. I’ve seen more blogs fail because the author wanted to go with the trends of blogs, didn’t speak knowledgeably about what they were writing about, and eventually, they lost sight of their goals. That is because they didn’t have a passion for following their dreams.

Do some research – follow a few popular influencers and bloggers in your niche so you can have “guidelines” of topics and such but overall, remember that just because they wrote about it doesn’t mean you can’t too! Everyone has their perspective and voice about a subject. Follow the advice of Julie Sarinana, “Dream, Believe, Achieve.”

Do you have other suggestions for lifestyle blogs? 🙂

If you need more inspiration, look at other famous bloggers in the article: Best Blogs and Top Bloggers.


  1. I’m definitely going to have to start following some of these blogs, I just recently got into reading blogs and I’m absolutely loving them so far. Thanks for the great recommendations Monika!

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  3. Thanks for this list. Very inspiring. I not too long started my blog and I’m excited about the new journey in my blog. Topics I blog about will focus on mental health, child and Adolescent mental health, child and Adolescent Development, relationships, and wellness.
    If anyone has tips or suggestions just questions related to any topics on my blog, it’ll be great appreciated: rebekahcharles.com

    1. You’re welcome, Rebekah 🙂. I am very happy that you’ve started your blog. It’s a great experience, and I see you are doing great. Wishing you luck!

  4. Really love some of these Monika, great content! I recently started my lifestyle blog – focused on a wide-range of subjects. If anybody has any tips on how I can improve my website let me know, any feedback is greatly appreciated: bmoblogs.com

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