16 Best DIY Blogs and Bloggers

When it comes to DIY (Do It Yourself) there are a lot of blogs at our disposal with many unique ideas. DIY as the name says it encourages one to use their own hands and handcraft them. Whether it is art, cooking, a home makeover or dressing makeover, handmade gifts, holiday decor advise you will always find a blog with unique and superb ideas. Ideas that can help you save on money and transform from boring to fabulous.

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With dedicated bloggers coming up with different blogs in many different blog niches, I am sure you will never miss an idea you can borrow that helps you craft your unique stuff and transform. The good thing about doing it yourself, you get to customize the craft to fit your taste and preference by implementing the ideas you learn. Imagine you can recycle some materials you thought were trash and make up a pretty craft out of it.

The popular blogs below however are not in any particular order, but they are the best since they have many followers or readers in sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram making their blogs gain a large number of readers.

List of the best blogs in the DIY category

1) Remodelaholic

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Cassity does her DIY projects to reduce, reuse, recycling, and to remodel at a tight budget. Most of her DIY she does it herself and also gets contributions from her followers meaning we always have new DIY to try. Cassity mostly focuses on DIY around home decor and food recipes. The best thing about this site is most of her DIYs are easy to follow. See how Cassity monetises her blog. Read my article: How To Make Money Blogging.

Best DIY Blogs & Bloggers
Best DIY bloggers – Remodelaholic

2) A Pair & a Spare

A Pair & a Spare is a DIY site showing how to create your style by Genève. This personal blog focuses on home decor, recipes traveling tips, styling ideas, and fashion which is contributed by Genève herself and allows contribution from the community too. What caught my attention on this site is the free wardrobe rehab book which is sure most people will like.

The best DIY Bloggers
DIY Blogs – A Pair & a Spare

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3) Fall for DIY

Fall for DIY by Francesca keeps her readers glued to her site with a flow of ideas on food (see: my best food blogs), office, parties, decor, fashion all of which are easy and affordable that will make the surrounding more presentable. She inspires readers with affordable and easy to create ideas that can transform a space. Follow her and try some easy DIYs and make your living room, kitchen space and change the look of your home.

Best DIY blogs & bloggers
Fall for DIY

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4) Shanty 2 Chic

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Shanty 2 Chic is a blog founded by Ashley and Whitney. Ashley and Whitney are two sisters who came up with this blog to help create beautiful and affordable furniture and turn a house into a happy home.
They post their decor and design journeys.

The best DIY Bloggers
Chanty 2 chic – DIY blog

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5) Vintage Revivals

Like the name suggests Mandi renovates old into new. She focuses on home decor mostly. She shows how she does it herself and gives easy to follow steps to guide you. Mandi gives her followers a chance to get to post their unique DIY too. You can find the Vintage Revivals page here.

The best Do It Yourself Blogs
Vintage Revivals – DIY Blog

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6) Homey Oh My!

Homey Oh My! is like an online DIY workshop for your home. It’s a place where you can find easy and stylish ideas to make your living spaces look awesome. They show you how to create cool things like wall art, decorations, and even ways to keep your stuff organized.

What’s really cool is that they explain everything in simple steps, and they use pictures to show you what to do. It’s perfect whether you’re a DIY pro or just trying it out for the first time.

The best part is that the things they make are not only pretty, but they also make your home feel cozy and nice. It’s like having a friend who’s really good at decorating and is happy to share their ideas with you. So, if you want to add a personal touch to your home, Homey Oh My! is a great place to start.

7) Addicted 2 DIY

Katie, the founder of Addicted 2 DIY, believes in going for DIY ideas if you are working on a project that might take longer to achieve since with it you spend less or nothing at all and get the best and unique results. She focuses on home decor, furniture refurbishing and a few recipe ideas. Most of Katie’s ideas are from what she has done on her own in her house with the help of her boys and some from her followers. What I liked about her blog are her excellent free printable plans that are easy to follow with cheap material that can occupy less space. Katie encourages you to eat and sleep DIY.

Best DIY Blog
Addicted 2 DIY

8) Apartment Therapy

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Apartment Therapy by Maxwell Ryan is a great blog to go to if you want to renovate your home. The apartment therapist Ryan Maxwell gives ideas on how you can decorate your home to make it beautiful and a happy home. The blog has a section where real home ideas from readers with a big or small budget to inspire others to transform their homes with such ideas. Apartment therapy has real-life home tour videos with unique ideas. If you are looking to renovate your home, then be sure to visit the therapist’s awesome home decor blog. The website also has Wellness Tips and Parenting Advice.

Best DIY blogs and bloggers
Apartment Therapy – DIY magazine

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9) Make It & Love It

Make It & Love It is like a creative treasure trove for DIY enthusiasts. Imagine a digital playground where crafting, sewing, and imaginative projects come together in a colourful explosion of inspiration.

At Make It & Love It, you’ll find a wide array of DIY ideas that cater to various interests and skill levels. From crafting beautiful clothing and accessories to adding personal touches to your home decor, this blog is a hub of creativity that encourages you to roll up your sleeves and get crafty.

What sets Make It & Love It apart is its user-friendly approach. Each project is explained in simple steps, accompanied by clear pictures that guide you through the process.
But Make It & Love It is more than just a how-to guide; it’s a space that radiates enthusiasm and passion for all things DIY. The creator shares her love for crafting with a genuine and relatable tone, making you feel like you’re crafting alongside a friend who’s excited to show you the ropes.

10) Wellness Mama

Katie Wells in her blog talks mostly to moms (seee The Best Mom Blogs to follow) on everything to do with health (see: Best Awesome & Amazing Health Blogs.) She speaks of how you can make your cosmetic at home with available resources. Katie Wells ’s goal is to have ideas on almost everything to do with health like a food recipe, beauty, natural remedies to certain medical complications and general hygiene making our life much more easier. With many ideas, Katie brings out the benefit of the naturally available product to conventional products that have chemicals in them by offering easy homemade solutions with less harm to your body. I would recommend all to visit her site and see what she has in store for you in all things health-related.

The best blogs in DIY category
Wellness Mama – DIY blog

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11) P.S. – I made this

The author Erica Domesek writes about fashion, recipe, decor, and beauty advice (see: Best Beauty Blogs.) She encourages readers to handcraft their own and get their preference and color choice. The blog P.S. – I made this has unique videos with easy to follow steps. Erica always makes sure that all her DIYs posts have easy guides making it easy for the readers to try them at home.

DIY blog and bloggers
P.s. I Made It – blog

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12) Refashion Nation

Refashioning Nation from the name itself is all about fashion (see: Best Fashion Blogs.) Sheri, the author, focuses on refurbishing your looks from boring old to new and fabulous with available resources. Am sure we will all want to look great without spending a lot.

The Best DIY Bloggers
Refashion Nation – DIY Blog

13) Do it Yourself Divas

Meg and Steph, bloggers behind DIY divas. Two creative sisters who focus their attention on ideas that require creativity from recipes to building furniture. On their blog, they share ideas on sewing tutorials, ideas for home decor or renovation projects. You will also find here fashion and lifestyle posts.

DIY blog and bloggers
Do It Yourself Divas

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14) Addicted 2 Decorating

Addicted 2 decorating by Kristi is a budget-friendly blog that aims at encouraging readers to get their dream home decor and making it their happy home. Not only does she post DIYs she has done herself but encourages her readers to come up with ideas too. Kristi’s blog addicted to decorating as the name suggests on home decor only.

The best DIY bloggers and blogs
Addicted 2 Decorating Blog

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15) Smart School House

The name of the Smart School House blog itself tells a lot about it. This blog is an all in one site with almost everything to do with DIY. Kelly Dixon focuses on recipes, holiday decor, homemade gifts and decorations, crafts for kids and school crafts.

Best DIY Blog and blogger
Smart School House Blog

16) The Shabby Creek Cottage

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The Shabby Creek Cottage by Gina is a website with many creative recipe ideas, decor, craft making and a little bit of fashion. Gina shows easy guiding steps that everyone can follow.

Diy blog and blogger
The Shabby Creek Cottage blog

With so much at our disposal thanks to these and other DIY bloggers sharing with us their unique ideas, it is best if we try these DIYs and save on money and make use of available resources. By working on some of these projects, we get to use available resources and maximize the outcome by designing unique pieces of stuff.

Get to try some of the recipes available that you see in restaurants or on social media, and you keep wondering what magic the chef did to get such a delicious meal. Follow some of the blogs sharing DIY ideas and you will be amazed how easy they are.

All these blogs not only write about the success in DIY but also show their DIY failures. They motivate you to try and not get discouraged, to try further, because the failures happen, but you can always fix them.


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