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When you Google top blogs, you will notice most of them are travel blogs, fashion blogs, or lifestyle blogs, while an even smaller percentage are male blogs. And yet there are so many great blogs out there that cater to various needs for men. So if you’re looking for men’s blogs, you’ve come to the right place.

Whatever you need, they are only a click away. It is important to note that being a man is not as easy as everyone makes it seem. Some people do not have a father figure present in their lives and have to learn some of these things about being a man from different places, the internet being one of them.

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Therefore, the following list is a rundown of some of the most informative blogs by men and for men. I chose them very carefully because of the unique elements that make them stand from the rest of the sea of blogs. They are solely dedicated to bettering the lives of men from all walks of life and different parts of the world. 

See the best men’s blogs you can find online.

1. DadCAMP

DadCAMP- dad blog

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In the beginning, something for daddies :). DadCAMP is a typical blog for parents run by Buzz, the father of two adolescent sons. Here – if you’re a father too, you’ll find out a lot of useful information. On this personal blog, you’ll read about parenting from a father’s perspective. You will learn how to spend time with your children in an exciting way, where to travel and what equipment to buy, but not only. The blog also deals with sport, health, and travel. You will even find a cooking section with recipes. So you have a food blog, a health blog, and even a fitness blog in one place.

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2. The Art of Manliness – men’s blog

Best male blog
Art of manliness – a blog for men

This blog is hands-down, a go-to for men who want to understand what being a man is all about. It is written by a group of men who contribute to creating this masterpiece every single day. It covers almost every aspect of a man’s life. The Art of Manliness is divided into the following categories: Get Style, Get Ahead, Get Strong, Get Social, Podcast, and Store.

Get Style in all style hacks a man needs to know about starting from how to tie a tie to pairing patterns to removing armpit stains.

Get Ahead leans more on the steps one takes to better their life in all manner of ways. It has tips on how to budget or ask for a raise. Also, how to introduce yourself in a memorable way, and even how to capture people’s attention.

The Get Strong section is not only about what fitness program is ideal for your body shape. But also what every man should know about having a heart attack as well as how to manage stress.

Just as the name suggests, the Get Social narrows down to the social side of a man’s life like red flags in relationships and how to communicate better and relate more with your children.

The Podcasts are the right way of learning all these important things when you do not have time to sit and read the blog, or while you are driving or jogging. The store has an outstanding range of quality merchandise.

Being a man is indeed a whole art that is fun to learn and practice. This blog is the perfect start for anyone who wants to learn this vital art. 

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3. The Quintessential Man

Best blog for men - The Quintessential Man
The Quintessential Man – male blog

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Adrian Iliopoulos is the brain behind this blog. He started this blog as a way of maximizing all aspects of life. Quintessential means something that is the perfect example of a quality or of a class. The title in itself is ironic as Adrain admits the quintessential man does not exist. However, this does not mean that we throw in the towel and stop the pursuit of being our greatest version.

On the contrary! This blog provides self-development by delving into practical philosophies that apply to our daily lives. It also includes rants as well as in-depth articles. His wish for his readers is that they will keep evolving, and keep changing to strive for the best versions of themselves continually.

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4. 20SomethingFinance – men’s blog

Best blog by men form men
20SomethingFinance – best male blog

Just like most blogs, 20somethingfinance was born from its author’s experience with money. G. E. Miller was a twenty-something-year-old who had just finished his undergraduate studies when he had a paradigm shift that would change his life immensely. He went from having no savings, and a massive debt after graduation to saving over 85% of his income in a few years by making some life-altering financial decisions that lifted him out of what he calls a financial “matrix.” He then decided to document his journey to financial freedom, giving us various gems of wisdom while he is at it.

While the name suggests that the blog is aimed at those in their 20s. However, this is not true. The author directs his blog to basically anyone who wants to handle his finances better. This blog is also instrumental for those who are interested in minimizing their spending levels to shallow levels, reducing wasteful consumption, and forging your path in life.

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5. UndershirtGuy

Best male blog
UndershirtGuy blog for men

Undergarments do not usually feature regularly on table talks over dinner or lunch. In a way, it is taboo. However, Tug found this gap, which was filled by his blog. Everyone walking the earth wears undergarments, but how come nobody wants to talk about it? Everyone except Tug.

What started as thoughts on undershirts gained popularity extremely fast and became a popular site with regular visits from men all around the world. He does a variety of product reviews ranging from deodorants to poop-smell blocking products. The sweat management section has anything and everything that involves minimizing sweat penetrating through clothes, for instance, sweat-proof underwear or moisture-wicking undershirts for outdoor activities.

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6. The Modest Man

The Modest Man Male Blog Home Page
The Modest Man- Fashion Blog For Men

It is a fantastic men’s fashion blog that stands out from the crowd by catering to the needs and style concerns of shorter men. Founded by Brock McGoff, this male blog is a treasure trove of fashion tips, style advice, and practical guidance for men of smaller stature.

The Modest Man primary focus is on helping shorter men embrace their unique style and build a wardrobe that complements their proportions perfectly. From finding the right fit to selecting clothing that flatters their height, Brock’s expert advice empowers shorter men to look and feel their best.

The blog covers a wide range of topics, from casual wear and business attire to grooming and lifestyle tips. Brock’s writing is approachable and relatable, making even the most fashion-challenged feel at ease in the world of men’s style.

The Modest Man also celebrates diversity in men’s fashion, showcasing a variety of looks and outfit ideas that cater to different tastes and occasions. Brock’s passion for fashion and his dedication to providing valuable content make his blog a go-to resource for shorter men seeking to enhance their style game.

With its focus on inclusivity, The Modest Man has garnered a dedicated following, creating a supportive community of men who share a common goal: to dress with confidence and embrace their unique style, no matter their height.

7. Effortless Gent – Great Blog for Men

Effortless Gent Male Blog Home Page
Effortless Gent – Great Blog for Men

It is a well-known men’s style and lifestyle blog founded by Barron Cuadro in 2009. Focused on minimalist and essentialist principles, the blog provides practical fashion advice, emphasizing proper fit and versatile wardrobe choices. Effortless Gent caters to various budget ranges, offering affordable style solutions.

It covers grooming, personal care tips, and self-improvement content, empowering men to enhance their overall confidence. The blog includes real-life examples and product reviews, making style guidance relatable and actionable. Through educational and approachable content, Effortless Gent encourages readers to develop their unique sense of fashion while emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity. Its commitment to helping men improve their appearance and lifestyle has earned the blog a dedicated following within the men’s fashion community.


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These blogs are just a few of a sea of blogs that are using the internet to put out essential and life-transforming information to men. They all have one thing in common. The need to put out information that is either hard to find, or is not being talked about enough is what cuts across the board. Moreover, they deserve recognition for the excellent work they are doing.


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