15 Must Follow Carpentry Blogs

Carpentry, the art of crafting and shaping wood into functional and aesthetic creations, has a rich history and also a thriving community of enthusiasts and professionals. For woodworking aficionados, carpentry blogs serve as valuable sources of inspiration, guidance, and knowledge-sharing. In this article, we’ll explore the top 15 carpentry blogs that offer a treasure trove of woodworking tips, project ideas, tutorials, and more.

Our List of Best Carpentry Blogs

popular woodworking carpentry blog home page

Popular Woodworking is an esteemed blog that caters to both seasoned professionals and woodworking enthusiasts eager to explore the craft. This platform’s distinguishing feature is its commitment to delivering top-notch content. It serves as an invaluable resource for staying up-to-date with woodworking trends and innovations. It regularly publishes informative articles on industry developments, comprehensive tool reviews, and in-depth woodworking news. This blog manages to strike a balance between catering to the needs of seasoned woodworkers, who seek the latest industry trends and innovative techniques, and newcomers to the craft, who benefit from the accessible and insightful content. With a legacy of quality, Popular Woodworking ensures that its readers have access to a diverse range of valuable information, keeping the woodworking community informed and engaged.

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2. Woodworking Network

woodworking network home page

Woodworking Network takes a unique approach, focusing on the business and commercial side of the woodworking industry. This blog is a vital source of information for woodworking professionals and business owners keen on understanding market trends, industry insights, and the latest in woodworking technology. It offers a holistic view of the financial and business aspects of woodworking. This makes it indispensable for individuals seeking to comprehend the industry’s commercial dynamics. With a dedication to providing insights into the woodworking industry’s financial and business aspects, Woodworking Network connects professionals, offering a deep dive into the commercial facets of this age-old craft.

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3. Fine Woodworking

fine woodworking carpentry blog home page

Fine Woodworking is an epitome of excellence in the woodworking world. Renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality content, this blog is a treasure trove of detailed project plans, expert tips, and articles from seasoned woodworkers. It caters to woodworking enthusiasts across all skill levels, from novices seeking guidance to experienced craftsmen looking for inspiration and refined techniques. The hallmark of Fine Woodworking is its unrelenting pursuit of excellence in the field. It consistently sets the standard for quality, providing a wealth of information, making it an irreplaceable resource for those who are deeply passionate about creating exquisite woodwork.

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4. Ana White (My Favourite in This List of Carpentry Blogs)

ana white woodworking blog home

Ana White’s blog stands out as a haven for DIY enthusiasts, especially those who are budget-conscious. What sets this blog apart is its dedication to providing free plans for a wide range of DIY furniture projects, making it an exceptional resource for individuals seeking to furnish their homes with personalized, handcrafted creations. Ana’s user-friendly approach and her detailed project guides empower individuals, even those with limited woodworking experience, to embark on their journey. Ana White’s emphasis on affordability and accessibility in her woodworking projects ensures that a broad audience can participate and create beautiful, custom pieces of furniture and decor. The blog embodies the DIY spirit and is a go-to destination for those looking to transform their living spaces through creative woodworking.

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5. Woodshop Diaries

woodshop diaries carpentry blog home page

Woodshop Diaries, hosted by Shara Woodshop, is a personal and creative perspective on woodworking. This blog shares engaging and relatable content, which resonates with those interested in woodworking. Shara shares her personal woodworking journey, innovative project ideas, and step-by-step tutorials. This makes it an excellent platform for individuals looking to dive into woodworking with a personal touch. Her approachable style and inventive project concepts inspire readers to explore their creativity. And embrace woodworking as a hobby that empowers them to create functional, stylish pieces for their homes. Woodshop Diaries is a testament to personal growth and creativity in woodworking. Shara’s blog not only educates but also encourages readers to embark on their own woodworking adventures, emphasizing the unique and personal aspects of crafting with wood.

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6. Woodworker’s Journal

woodworker's journal carpentry blog home page

Woodworker’s Journal is a highly regarded and widely recognized publication and online platform dedicated to woodworking and craftsmanship. The Woodworker’s Journal provides a diverse array of content, including articles, project plans, tool reviews, woodworking tips, and how-to guides. The platform provides detailed project plans for a wide variety of woodworking projects, from small home accessories to large furniture pieces. These plans include step-by-step instructions, material lists, and helpful tips, making it easier for woodworkers to tackle new projects. It covers a wide range of woodworking topics, from basic techniques to advanced projects. The platform also showcases reader-submitted projects and features interviews with notable woodworkers. It serves as a source of knowledge and inspiration, helping individuals bring their creative woodworking ideas to life.

If you are looking for great carpentry blogs then this is a must follow.

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7. The English Woodworker

the english woodworker home page

The English Woodworker, is a sanctuary for those who appreciate traditional woodworking techniques and the beauty of handcrafted creations. Richard Maguire created this blog. It’s primary focus is on preserving and also promoting age-old woodworking methods. Richard Maguire also shares his profound knowledge and passion for hand tool woodworking, offering readers a glimpse into the world of crafting with traditional hand tools. The blog is a full of wisdom for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the timeless art of woodworking. This carpentry blog also emphasizes the tactile, unhurried, and gratifying process of creating with one’s own hands.

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8. Jay’s Custom Creations

jay's custom creations carpentry blog home page

Jay Bates’ blog, Jay’s Custom Creations, is renowned for its detailed project plans and instructional woodworking videos. This blog distinguishes itself with its emphasis on providing comprehensive project guides, enabling woodworking enthusiasts to embark on a wide range of DIY projects. Moreover Jay’s approach is rooted in clarity and accessibility, making complex projects manageable for individuals of varying skill levels. Whether you’re looking to craft furniture or decorative items, Jay’s Custom Creations offers a rich repository of project ideas and step-by-step guidance, effectively merging creativity as well as functionality in the realm of woodworking.

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9. Paul Sellers Blog

paul sellers carpentry blog home page

This carpentry blog is a must visit for traditional woodworking fanatics. Paul Sellers, with his extensive experience in hand tool woodworking, imparts his knowledge in a way that is both engaging and educational. This blog is a tribute to the timeless art of using hand tools to create beautiful as well as functional woodwork. Paul Sellers Blog also offers insights into techniques that have been honed over generations. Allowing readers to connect with woodworking traditions and also learn from a true master of the craft.

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10. LumberJocks

lumberjocks woodworking blog home

LumberJocks is a thriving woodworking community where woodworkers can connect, share their projects, as well as engage in discussions. The most unique thing about this blog is its interactive nature, as it fosters a sense of belonging as well as camaraderie among woodworkers. LumberJocks is like an online woodshop where individuals come together to showcase their creations, discuss techniques, as well as seek advice. It’s a hub for woodworking lovers of all levels to share their experiences and also learn from a diverse community of fellow woodworkers.

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11. Woodsmith

woodsmith carpentry blog home page

Woodsmith, the blog associated with Woodsmith Magazine, is notable for its comprehensive project plans and woodworking tips. It offers detailed as well as well-structured project guides that appeal to woodworking aficionados looking for clear and concise instructions. This blog takes a meticulous approach to presenting woodworking projects, making them accessible to both beginners and experienced woodworkers. With a focus on the practical application of woodworking skills, Woodsmith stands out as a trusted resource for those who seek guidance and also precision in their woodworking endeavours.

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12. The Joinery

the joinery carpentry blog home page

The Joinery is a blog hosted by Jonathan Cohen, dedicated to the art of joinery and traditional woodworking techniques. It deep dives into intricate and highly skilled joinery methods. Jonathan Cohen’s expertise in this niche field is evident in the precision and elegance of the joinery techniques he explores. Moreover the blog offers readers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the intricate world of woodworking joinery. It showcases the timeless craftsmanship that goes into creating strong as well as visually appealing wood connections. For those interested in the finer details of woodworking, The Joinery is a one stop destination.

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13. Canadian Woodworking

canadian woodworking home page

Canadian Woodworking distinguishes itself as a resource that caters to the needs of woodworking enthusiasts in Canada and beyond. The thing that makes this blog unique is its regional focus. It acknowledges the unique woodworking challenges as well as opportunities that woodworkers face in Canada. It offers project ideas, tips, and tool reviews while providing valuable insights for individuals in the Canadian woodworking community. With a commitment to addressing the specific needs of woodworkers in a diverse climate and culture, Canadian Woodworking offers a distinct perspective and also serves as resource hub in the world of woodworking.

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14. The Carpentry Way

the carpentry way woodworking blog home page

The Carpentry Way is a blog dedicated to exploring Japanese carpentry techniques and traditions, setting it apart in the world of woodworking. It explores into the art of Japanese carpentry, emphasizing precision, artistry, and the melding of form and function. The blog’s focus on these intricate and culturally significant woodworking practices opens a window into a world where craftsmanship reaches its pinnacle. This carpentry blog stands apart from most of the carpentry blogs.

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15. The Woodwork Place

the woodwork place carpentry blog home page

The Woodwork Place is like a charming virtual woodshop, where you’re invited to explore the enchanting world of woodworking. It’s more than a blog; it’s a sanctuary for craftsmanship. It is a place where wood and imagination come together in perfect harmony.

Imagine the aromatic fragrance of freshly cut wood, the rhythmic sound of saws, and the familiarity of well-worn tools. That’s the essence of The Woodwork Place. It’s a digital gathering spot for woodworking followers to learn, collaborate, and revel in their shared love for the craft. From exquisitely crafted furniture to practical everyday creations, the blog offers a trove of project ideas and woodworking tips.

In The Woodwork Place, wood is not merely a material; it’s a canvas for artistic expression and an endless source of potential. Every project is a masterpiece, and every cut is a stroke of brilliance. So, if you’ve ever felt the allure of creating something both functional and beautiful with your own hands, this digital workshop is the perfect place to start your journey.

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In the realm of carpentry, these carpentry blogs are the seasoned mentors, offering their wisdom and knowledge to both novices and experts. They are the blueprints for endless possibilities. Carpentry Blogs inspire us to craft, create, and transform raw materials into functional and beautiful works of art.

Moreover what makes these carpentry blogs truly remarkable is their power to connect people across time and space. They remind us that woodworking is a timeless tradition, a heritage passed down from generation to generation. They bridge the gap between the seasoned artisan and the aspiring hobbyist, fostering a sense of community and shared passion.

In a world often dominated by digital screens and fast-paced living, these blogs invite us to slow down, take up our tools, and experience the tactile joy of shaping wood with our hands. They instill the satisfaction of crafting something with care as well as precision. These carpentry blogs give us the satisfaction of watching a vision come to life, piece by piece.

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