10 Best Fitness Blogs in 2020

Lifestyle diseases! They rank best in the mission to eliminate human beings from the planet earth. The rising-rate at which diseases caused by poor choices we make right from what we eat to how we sleep is at least frightening. This begs the rhetoric question; do we make these poor choices intentionally?

Well, there are two sides to this scenario. Number one: laziness. Many choose to be careless about what they eat, and the thought of regular exercise is just too much for them.

Number two: misguided information – this is the major contributing factor to poor fitness and health. There are tons of blogs out there that advise on fitness. However, one needs to be careful since not all of them are written with the genuine goal of helping the reader.

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We have to agree that to live on this planet happily, we all need someone who will keep watch on our backs. With that said, consider this article the superhero that comes to save you from the wiles of misguided information on fitness.

Whether you are looking to cut weight, maintain or even add, sit back, and relax. Here is a list compiled for you- a few of the big names in the fitness industry. These are currently the best fitness blogs and bloggers.

Rest assured that once you have gone through this list, then your fitness journey will be half covered.

Best fitness blogs
List of the best fitness blogs and bloggers

List of top fitness blogs and bloggers

1. MyFitnessPal

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It is a blogging site that is run by one of the largest fitness brands known in the market today. Getting to that global status is undoubtedly hard work and unbeatable quality blogs that are backed up with scientifically proven facts.


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MyFitnessPal has proven that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Jack of all trades since it encompasses everything regarding fitness. From the nutritious recipe ideas to the trending workouts meant to take your fitness level a notch higher. Be sure to visit this blog for countless benefits.

2. ACE

American Council of Exercise blog is considered a fitness mine. This blog is rich in health and fitness resources that will knock you off your feet.

American Council of Exercise

If you have been grappling with wrong fitness information from counterfeit blogs, consider the American Council of Exercise blog as your superhero.

American Council of Exercise blog contains reliable expert-level articles that source their content from scientifically proven data to back up their claims. Therefore, if you are tired of wasting your time trying to apply false fitness tips that are written with selfish motives, look no further than the American Council of Exercise blog.

3. Tony Gentilcore

Money can indeed buy you tons of stuff, “love” included. However, that is not the case when it comes to your wellness and fitness. Being fit takes sheer hard work and determination.

Tony Gentilcore

Hard work and determination are not the only ingredients you need to achieve your fitness goals. The right applicable fitness tips are also very essential. Therefore, Tony Gentilcore’s blog is designed to keep you positive and highly motivated in your journey to attain your wellness goals.

The blog contains inspirational quotes and motivational statements that will keep you going on the fitness journey, despite the hard demands that come along with healthy living and maintaining fitness. Consider Tony Gentilcore’s blog the full package because of the added features like fitness advice and tips.

4. Jessi Kneeland

A problem shared is half solved, Jessi Kneeland’s blog has given life to this adage.

Jessi Kneeland

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The fitness journey is not always an easy one. It requires one to be persistent and optimistic.

To keep one’s head above water, a fitness buddy is a prerequisite, and that is why Jessie Kneeland decided to stand in the gap and encourage newbies as they start the journey.

Body image struggles may attract negative energy, especially to women who want to cut weight. You will automatically gain self-confidence through this blog. Mental health is equally as important as physical health.

The blog is rich in a diverse assortment of diets and mental health articles.

5. Nerd Fitness

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Overambitious plans are the greatest enemy of fitness progress. It is always wise to start with the baby steps first. I may not be the sensei in advising on fitness, but Steve Kamb is.

Nerd Fitness

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Steve Kamb is the founder of Nerd Fitness blog, a blog dedicated to making your fitness routine more efficient. It is one of the best fitness blogs out there.

Steve has made the sky the limit to his passion for fitness by going the extra mile of coding an application tagged Nerd Fitness Coaching app. This app is designed to save your time in case you are not in a position to read the blog. The app has diversified the routes to attain your fitness goals.

6. Workout mommy

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Workout demands real commitment. You have to adhere to it to reap its benefits meticulously. This may be a problem if you are a mother. No need to freak out though, there is a blog tailored for you.

The top blogs for women
Workout mommy

Workout mommy is a blog founded by Lisa Gulley – a single mother to four children and a highly qualified personal trainer. Lisa got her training experience before she gave birth, where she was a disciplined and excellent trainer.

Her story is very relatable to women who have recently given birth, and their hormones are through the roof, causing them to grow fat at an exponential rate. In 2007, Lisa wanted to get back to shape after delivering her second born. The blog has a segment called “fit mommy.” A platform where you can comfortably share your fitness goals as well as the challenges you are experiencing in trying to achieve your goal.

This will create for you an aura free from negative criticism and enable you to achieve your goal. Lisa also has an article with a list of training equipment that you need at home so that there is no excuse to skip the workout.

7. Fit Bottomed Girls

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Dieting can be a bit strenuous. Especially when you are tight on budget or you are ever engaged at work and dieting drains out every ounce of energy you have. However, these situations should not limit you from achieving your fitness goal.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead founded Fit Bottomed Girls in 2008. They have impacted the world through their healthy living tips. The blog is packed with real-life transformation stories that will equip you with the necessary tips for wellness.

8. Breaking Muscle

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As the name suggests, Breaking Muscle is a blog second to none because of its versatility. The blog publishes quality content about fitness and healthy living backed up by scientific facts. Therefore, It commands the audience of fitness consumers and professionals.

Breaking Muscle

This gives the blog the cutting edge over many others, which may not meet consumer’s satisfactory standards. The blog also offers a social platform where you can discuss with professional trainers and coaches on the personal pressing matters concerning fitness.

9. Powercakes

BE TRUE TO YOU and do what’s best for your body – this is the primary motto of the blog.


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Kasey (Arena) Brown, the founder, was voted as one of the top ten inspiring Healthy living bloggers by Self magazine. Kasey did a noble thing to start the blog because of the many lives she has touched. She also champions fitness awareness programs through her blog.

The founder of Powercakes believes that the most important thing is to focus on listening to your own body, without unnecessary and destructive diets, to find a happy balance while enjoying life.

10. Summer Tomato

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It is the best blog to cut weight without excessive restrictions on a diet, in which Darya Rose, a doctor of philosophy in the field of neuroscience gives the best advice on a healthy lifestyle and the best dietary choices.

Summer Tomato


In conclusion, whether you are looking to be a fitness trainer or a guru in that regard, these blogs and bloggers can further help you in your fitness journey. Also, these blogs are very resourceful in bringing out the best version of you in regards to health and fitness. Physical fitness is a reflection of mental fitness. Therefore your productivity is highly contributed by your well-organized and “fit” mind. Enjoy the fitness journey, even as you explore your physical side!


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