10 Best Blogs for Women

the list of women's blogs you should pay attention to

Have you ever felt off when it comes to things like fashion, beauty, decor, career, or anything? Don’t you worry, the internet got you covered? Blogs are discussing almost all contemporary issues affecting us. Today, blogs help you update the latest trends, such as fashion, beauty, or the latest news. See my list of the best blogs for women. Look for inspiration for yourself.

Take, for example, if you are looking for a way to decorate your living room, a new recipe for a family dinner, or even an idea of how to make a spring wreath yourself. You will find blogs that will give you many options, show you different styles, of which you will choose something for yourself.

Most of the popular blogs start with someone writing their personal journal, but in turn, the blogs end up inspiring many. Let us look at most blogs discussing women’s issues. Women write most of them for women, blogs about fashion, beauty, career, spiritual, fitness, how to raise kids and maternity blogs, etc. Each of these blogs has a chance to gain their audience because each of them shows things differently.

All the examples shown below can be an excellent inspiration for you because you can also start a blog. Blogging is a space for everyone, so sit back and be inspired.

List of best blogs for women

I have made a list of the best 10 blogs by women bloggers. Most of these blogs focus on women issues from beauty, fashion, decor, home, fitness, cooking, inspiration, and many more. Here are a few of the best women blogs currently trending with many followers in which I believe have a significant impact on the women’s world.

1. A Cup of Jo

Best blogs for women
A Cup of Jo

Well, this is one of the best lifestyle blogs for women. The blogger covers style, design, food, relationship, travel, and even motherhood. After writing for various blogs, Joanna started her blog as a weekend hobby getting most of her stories through life experience, Cup of Jo became among the best blogs covering women issues.

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2. Sixty and Me

Popular blogs for women
Sixty and Me

This Sixty and Me blog is unique for women who are over 50years. The blogger, who is a sixty year old proves that age should not deter one from looking sexy or hot. She talks about all issues affecting senior citizens like retirement, savings, dating, style, fashion, makeup, travel, health, and many other things that could affect senior citizens.

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3. The Mom Edit

Women's blog to follow
The Mom Edits

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This is a blog that talks about almost everything fashion, beauty, home, lifestyle, and travel. You could say that it includes elements of a fashion blog, a blog about home, as well as a beauty blog or a travel blog. It is a moms’ life. This depicts most of the real-life mom life incidents. As a mom, you have to take care of home decor, ensure traveling is sorted in terms of packing and choosing the right place. If you are a mom, this is a blog to follow. She gives tips on everything around being a mom.

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4. Career Girl Daily

List of the best blogs for women
Career Girl Daily

Celina and Ellen founded Career Girl Daily in 2014. Less than a year later, in August 2015, this blog won the Bloglovin award for The Best Blog to Improve Life. It was created as a motivating blog for women, with the slogan: You can achieve anything you want. Today, CGD is a website with millions of trusted readers from around the world that continue to support, advise women on how to achieve what they want. It touches lifestyle and career.

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5. The Corporette

Best blogs for women
The Corporette

This is one of the best fashion blog and lifestyle blog for women in white color jobs like bankers, lawyers, and any other lady who dresses professionally. The writer mentions that this blog is for all overachieving ladies. With fashion advice like how to wear comfortable heels. She gives fashion advice too on how to pick the right perfume in the office. For the corporate brand, ladies have a look at the blog to find out more tips.

6. Hello Giggles

Hello Giggles blog
Hello Giggles blog

The blog talks about real-life issues in the woman world. From beauty tips, fashion advice, entertainment tips, lifestyle, career development, relationship tips, money advice, and women empowerment. The blog inspires many with many followers on social media.

It was founded in 2011 by actress and musician Zooey Deschanel, producer Sophia Rossi, and writer Molly McAleer. The blog covers a wide range of topics including fashion, beauty, health, entertainment, and news.

Hello Giggles was created with the goal of providing a positive and inclusive online space for women to share their stories, experiences, and interests. The website has a team of contributors who write articles and create videos, and it also features content from guest writers and celebrities.

One of the unique aspects of Hello Giggles is its commitment to promoting body positivity and self-love. The website regularly features articles and videos that encourage women to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. It also covers issues related to mental health and self-care, providing readers with resources and support.

In addition to its online content, Hello Giggles has also launched several initiatives and partnerships aimed at empowering and uplifting women. For example, it has teamed up with clothing brand Riffle Paper Co. to create a line of stationery and accessories featuring empowering messages and illustrations.

Hello Giggles is a vibrant and inclusive online community that celebrates women and their diverse interests and experiences. Its positive and uplifting content has made it a popular destination for women seeking inspiration, advice, and support

7. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo blog
Marie Forleo

This is a blog written by the celebrity herself Marie Forleo, she teaches women on how to be creative and dream big in our everyday lives. She speaks about real-life issues and inspires and encourages women to be entrepreneurs. Whether she is on her TV show “Marie TV” or her blog, she focuses mostly on women and encourages them. Her blog has a large number of followers.

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8. The Balanced Blonde

The Balanced Blonde Blog
The Balanced Blonde

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This is another best blog for women. The Balanced Blonde is a popular wellness and lifestyle brand founded by Jordan Younger, a wellness blogger, podcaster, and author. The brand’s mission is to help individuals find balance in their lives by promoting a holistic approach to wellness that includes mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Jordan Younger started The Balanced Blonde in 2013 as a vegan lifestyle blog called The Blonde Vegan. She had a successful career as a wellness influencer, but she later found that her strict vegan lifestyle was negatively affecting her health. In 2014, she announced that she was no longer a vegan, and the backlash from the vegan community was intense. Despite the criticism, Jordan remained true to herself and continued to share her wellness journey with her followers.

Since then, The Balanced Blonde has grown into a popular wellness brand that includes a blog, podcast, books, and merchandise. Jordan’s message is all about finding balance in life, which includes nourishing your body with healthy food, practicing self-care, and pursuing your passions.

The Balanced Blonde blog covers a wide range of wellness topics, including plant-based recipes, yoga, meditation, and mental health. The brand’s podcast, Soul on Fire, features conversations with wellness experts and entrepreneurs, as well as personal stories from Jordan and her guests.

In addition to her digital content, Jordan has published two books: Breaking Vegan, which tells the story of her struggles with orthorexia and her decision to stop being vegan, and To Be Magnetic, which offers guidance on manifesting your dreams and desires.

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9. Cherish365

Cherish365 women's blogs

This blog was founded by former journalist Jennifer Borget in 2008. She encourages everyone to care for each day and enjoy every day of life

Jennifer Borget started her parenting blog, Baby Making Machine, in 2009. The blog quickly grew in popularity, and in 2014, Jennifer rebranded it as Cherish365 to reflect her focus on celebrating the everyday moments of family life.

Cherish365 features a range of content, including parenting advice, family travel tips, and personal essays. Jennifer also shares her passion for photography on the website, offering tutorials and tips for capturing beautiful images of family life.

Cherish365, in 2018, won the Best Mom Blog of the Year award.

10. Her Campus

Best blogs for women
Her Campus

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Her Campus is an online magazine and a blog that inspires the young in their twenties on current issues, from motivation to fashion. Annie, Windsor, and Stephanie, the founders, got their motivation to start this blog while they were in college, and the blog became an inspiration to many. This is an online magazine dedicated to, written by, and focused on empowering college women. Her Campus does not specify one thing but talks about general life issues. For all those who want general or real-life issues blog, then go to this site.

Wrapping it Up

Blogging has become the latest trend and does not limit anyone who knows they can attract a good number of audience. You can start your own blog on any category as long as you are passionate about whatever you decide to blog about. Women blogs are currently on the top list on most read blogs. Whether it is on beauty, fashion, career, or anything, be creative and make sure your blog is up to date on current trends.


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