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The fashion world gives the impression of not having any brink. Remarkably, with imagination being the only limit, bushels of style ideas and inspirations are incessantly shared online by many fashionista and trend-setters. It almost seems like, in every 0.25 seconds, we would see a fashion blog launched worldwide. Quite a number, don’t you think?

One social network that uplifts this visual industry a notch higher seems to be Instagram. This social media platform that once gave a stage to everyday photo sharing, now slakes the cravings of art, style, and fashion lovers.

However, we have to admit that relying on the web to enthuse our next outfit can be daunting. The number of fashion blogs/content keeps racking up, and even though this makes us spoilt for choices, it proves to be also troublesome, to say the least. Why? Endless hours of search can be wasted in the dreadful yet mysterious rabbit hole of fashion blogs.

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Also, with an ocean of influencers setting up hashtags and sharing outfit posts, you can easily get lost in this world, wanting more yet still not settling on your inspired pick.

Let’s talk fashion: Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers

With many people to draw inspiration from, we’ve compiled individuals with excellent fashion advice you can count on for that impeccable style sense.

This list is split into two: first – bit zeros in on the fashion bloggers that use Instagram as their primary platform, and the second one consists of those who have their blogs.

List of top Instagram fashion influencers:

1. Alexa Chung @alexachung

Top Instagram fashion blogs

Redefining the meaning of cool-girl fashion, she is one to watch out for. The ability to mix vintage pieces with designer ones in an effortless manner is what Alexa does best. She can pull her style effortlessly and uniquely. It is without a doubt that she is on everybody’s list of top fashion icons. Her style has the “je ne sais quoi” touch to it. It is no secret that she has personalized her whole ensemble.

Hence, we cannot compare her to anyone, because there is no other like her or similar to her. The simplest style is most definitely one of the hardest to pull off. It is not surprising that she has a staggering 3.4 M following on Instagram.

2. Jenn Im @imjennim

Top blogs and bloggers

Jenn Im’s clothing line describes itself as a line that is, “…inspired by the girl next door with an eclectic style.” She has confirmed that her line is a reflection of her wardrobe, which she showcases on her Instagram page that has 1.7 million followers.

Describing her style in one word is impossible as she can switch things up frequently and regularly without losing that personal touch she possesses. Simple, classy staples have laid the foundation for her style and are indeed the diverging point. The forever evolving manner of Jenn Im is fascinating to watch. You do not know what will happen next. How thrilling!

3. Jamie Mansfield @jamienkidd

Top fashion blog

At a glance, you cannot miss Jamie’s luscious hair. One could say it is her main accessory. Speaking of accessories, she has partnered with numerous jewelry lines such as Ciaobella and Neon Gypsy designs. Jamie even mentioned that if she weren’t an influencer, she would be a full-time jewelry designer. Her gallivanting heavily influences her sense of style; for instance, when in a tropical area, she tends to lean more on the boho sides of fashion.

4. Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni

Best Instagram fashion blogger

This 32-year-old has become an Instagram sensation over the years. She started her blog in 2009 while in Law School as a hobby to document what she was passionate about. Naming it, The Blonde Salad was intentional as it was her very own bowl of mixed interests from fashion to travel. Since then, her platform has peaked gradually. She has a massive following on Instagram of up to 17.3 million. Forbes featured her as #1 in the Forbes Top Influencers List under the Fashion category.

On top of that, she made the Forbes 30 under 30 lists. She draws inspiration from many different areas. However, at the moment she pulls it from her hometown in Milan, Italy. Her fashion style can be described as casual chic. She loves to mix designer pieces with high street names or vintage pieces. This is one of the many reasons she launched her Chiara Ferragni Collection clothing line as well as The Blonde Salad online magazine.

5. Candela Pelizza @candela_________

Best fashion blogger

Born in Argentina, Candela Pelizza Tricarico’s wardrobe is an envy of many. The former model traveled the world to walk runaways. The nomadic characteristic of her work influenced her fashion sense. It is known that she has a soft spot for Fendi and is frequently spotted wearing lots and lots of Fendi.

She has 547K followers on Instagram, and her fashion features bold colors and has splashes of oversized silhouettes that enhance her chic street style. With every season, she always has an item or two that she is obsessed with and will work around that.

6. Steven Onoja

Top fashion blogs and bloggers

Whoever said fashion is only restricted to women! Steven breaks the rules when it comes to fashion. Being born and raised in Nigeria has had a lot of impact on his style. Now residing in New York, his idea of fashion is a form of self-expression. With his artistic background, he has a funny way of weaving his state of mind into his dressing.

He aims to inspire men from all walks of life to have the boldness and ability to pull off this expression effortlessly. He has 95.6k followers on Instagram. This is evidence that men also need representation in this world of fashion. And they appreciate those who are already in this field. He runs

7. Gabi @gabifresh

Best Instagram fashion blog

Gabi started her blog out of pure frustration that she did not see plus-size women like her being represented in the media. Being one of the first bloggers to highlight the need for women representation, regardless of their size. An interesting fact is that she pushed for the “fatkini” trend, which is an awareness campaign to make women between sizes 12-20 confident in wearing and taking photos in them.

As a designer, she encourages big women to wear what they want as they throw fashion rules out the window. Gabi, through her blog, shows everyone what it means to feel confident in one’s own skin genuinely. This theme of body positivity has dramatically influenced her audience following of close to 1 million from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Best fashion bloggers:

1. Negin Mirsalehi

Top fashion blegger
Negin Mirsalehi blog

This Perusian beauty lives in Amsterdam and has a following of over 2 million. She loves to globetrot and takes us with her through her blog- Her success can be seen through multiple partnerships with high-end brands. She has mentioned once that it is difficult to explain what inspires her style or how to describe it in a sentence.

Indeed, her fashion sense is broad and depends on which part of the world she is in, her surroundings, the time of the day, and most importantly, her mood. For a person who loves to experiment, she has executed various looks ideally in her blog. One minute she is an edgy rock chick, and the next she is an exquisite and feminine woman. This is why she has a constant fanbase that is excited to watch what next look she will pull off.

2. Olivia Palermo

Top fashion blog

She runs the elegant She is the queen of the in-between, such as classic and modern, cool and feminine. Olivia is more relatable than most bloggers because she re-wears her favorite pieces, which gives her audience a chance to see how she styles them in many different ways. It also opens a window to explore how she comes up with a look and the tricks to styling her wardrobe staples.

Olivia has been in this industry for quite some time now. It is incredible how she has been able to be true to her aesthetic that has stood the sands of time. Polished is a word that has been used to describe her on multiple occasions. She loves to play around with colors as she focuses on an accessory such as a belt to get a pulled-together look.

3. Christie Tyler

Top bloggers and blogs
Christie Tyler blog

Also known as NYC Bambi has an American feel to her fashion sense. She can go from boho dresses, summer vibes, edgy fashion, androgyny, and minimalism. But she has a way of drawing all this back to the American feeling of freedom. It is interesting to see how her style stands out comfortably, no matter where she goes.

When it comes to striking the balancing femininity and masculinity, Christie has hit the nail on the head on this one. She blends her masculine pieces such as male shirts with her feminine ones, creating a unique style that we have probably never seen before. She focuses on natural tones such as grey, white, and black. This type of style looks very effortless, but it takes a lot of craft to pull together. She runs her blog known as NYC Bambi.


No matter how different all these individuals are, one clear thing is that they all stick to their authentic selves. They use this as their true North; it does not matter how far they veer away from it, as it always pulls them back. These creatives have done a fine job in not only thriving and shining in their light but also paving the way for others with new ideas and modes of expression to step in.

Their ability to weave various pieces drawn from different inspirations is genuinely magnificent. They say no two fashion senses are alike.

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