32 Best Fashion Blogs and Bloggers to Bookmark Right Now

Clothes! We have to wear them. So it makes sense that we like to wear them well. Fashion blogs rule the online blogging platform hands down. Today I want to share 32 fashion blogs with you. This article is for everyone that loves fashion, and it’s specifically aimed at anyone wishing to start a fashion blog.

How to start a Fashion blog

Within the fashion blog niche, you will find so many microblogging niches. You will also find an insane amount of copycat blogs. By this, I mean blogs that are very similar in the type of fashion they are promoting, the themes they use, and even the color palette. And it’s only natural that this would happen, young fashionistas love to blog, and they love fashion and so in a sense fashion blogging has developed its own community.

It’s common to find fashion bloggers commenting on other fashion blogs and giving each other encouragement and support. It’s fantastic to see people doing it for themselves. And doing what they love.

So I’ve tried to find the right mix of different fashion, as well as fashion blogs that stand out in some unique way. Fashion blogs are as much about the blogger as they are about fashion. (True for many blogs!)

Year in, year out, the fashion blog niche remains at the top. But fashion is so much more than clothing. It’s about attitude and self-expression; it’s about seeing and being seen. It’s a statement. And you are either a trendsetter or a follower of fashion. Even if you make a stand against fashion, that in itself becomes a type of fashion.

Fashion is art. Fashion is now. Fashion is all about being creative, breaking boundaries, creating style, influencing others, expressing self. And fashion bloggers deliver fashion to us on a digital platter. Fashion can be frivolous, it can seem superfluous and lacking substance, but that would be a gross misjudgment. Fashion is a multi-billion dollar business! Without fashion, the world would be less colorful and less dramatic, but fashion can also be as practical as it can be fantastical.

And this is why fashion blogs and fashion bloggers form a vital part of the fashion industry. For fashion bloggers and the millions of people who follow them, fashion is a serious business. Being an “authority” on fashion brings a certain status and a type of prestige. How can it not?

Top bloggers you will meet today have managed to not only use their creativity to create fashion others love, but they have also succeeded in promoting and marketing their “brand.” And in the fashion world, that often equates to your own name. Fashion bloggers often become celebrities in their own right, as we shall see.

Fashion Blogs vs. Instagram vs. Pinterest

One social network that uplifts this visual industry a notch higher is Instagram. This social media platform is the go-to for many fashion lovers who indulge their fashion fantasies by following the fashionistas they wish to emulate.

But for this article, I want to focus on fashion popular blogs first. Most, if not all, fashion bloggers are also active on Instagram. Having both a blog and an Instagram following is standard practice for many bloggers. And of course, Insta is the place where influencers first broke into the scene as successful ambassadors for brands and product placement.

Today “influencing” is a common and well-known word that gets flung about and for a good reason. Top influencers (often celebrities, but also fashion bloggers with huge followings) dominate the platform.

Instagrammers had a brief time in the limelight when the influencer phenomena emerged. But recently another interesting fact has come to light, which is of interest to bloggers. Pinterest.

Just like Instagram, it is a visual platform. Pinterest is slightly different. It’s very efficient at increasing traffic to your blog. And it will pay all bloggers, not just fashion bloggers, to take note of this platform as a viable search engine.

Who Are The Fashion Bloggers Dominating the Fashion Blog Niche?

These self-styled digital influencers represent a new breed of fashion bloggers. They are young entrepreneurs, and they don’t fit into one box. Today bloggers can wear many hats, and fashion bloggers prove this. These young women, and more often now men too, are versatile and innovative.

Fashion is always changing, but the style is timeless. All blogs, including fashion blogs, have to be updated regularly. Many fashion blogs that started 10 years ago no longer exist, or they evolve onto a different platform.

When I was researching for this article, I found many fashion blogs without recent posts. Often this is because they use Instagram almost exclusively. Other times it’s because the blog is now a store instead, and again Instagram is where the action is. As you will see below, the featured fashion bloggers all have recent and regular posts. Sometimes the founders of fashion blogs step back and get people to run their blogs. But when blogs get left untouched and without updates, this affects traffic and rankings. New blogs appear daily, with new fashionistas geared up and ready to share their fashion passion with fans and followers.

A company called digitalbrandarchitects.com seems to be behind the scenes of many fashion blogs. They handle the branding, marketing, and “business,” leaving the creator of the blog to do what they love, which is influencing, traveling, and curating new looks!

Can You Make Money With A Fashion Blog?

Short answer: Yes!

Most fashion bloggers are quite astute at fusing their entrepreneurial spirit with their love of fashion into a solid online enterprise. Just like other blogs, fashion blogs are perfect for creating passive streams of income. If you want to learn how to make money online check out my articles.

It’s very cool to have a fashion blog. You get to dress up, flaunt your style, create stunning photos, and at the same time, be the face of your own online store. You get to choose the brands, accessories, and make-up. At the same time you become an expert in beauty, and you can create a beauty blog as well.

Setting up photoshoots and taking effective photos will give you experience with photography, which down the line, means you get to add photography as an additional category to your fashion blog or you can create a separate photography blog. (Often best lifestyle blogs and top travel blogs have photography as a side hustle.) You stamp your own personality onto it, and then you get to have fun influencing others.

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Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is huge on fashion blogs. Many fashion bloggers also have a category geared to teach other fashionistas how to make money blogging. And because the products being sold on fashion blogs differ from products being promoted on, for example, “how to blog” blogs the tips and hacks are different. So it’s a good idea to find fashion blogs that cover this and learn from their advice. They are especially helpful when it comes to advice on how to form collaborations with companies.


As with other blogging niches, you can monetize your site quite easily with a fashion blog. The platforms are different, but the concept is the same. The Dallas-based company, rewardStyle.com, is the most well-known monetization platform for fashion bloggers. They focus on fashion and home decor.

Often fashion blogs double as style magazines and offer readers travel, fashion, decor, beauty, and even fitness and health advice. You will find there something from fitness blogs, health blogs and also from interior design blogs about. Many fashion bloggers start off as single gals living it up and then slide effortlessly into motherhood – creating a mom blogs. Their blogs transform as they do.

The LikeToKnow.it app and Others

The website liketoknowit.com has an app that fashion bloggers use frequently. Recently though, many fashion bloggers are changing from this because it got so popular that products on one blog could be found on many blogs. In the past, you’d see “Shop my Looks” and be redirected via rewardStyle to liketoknow.it (or some other platform.)

But now you may see “Shop my Instagram”. This app allows followers to shop directly from your ‘gram account. It’s no longer necessary to go to the website. It also explains why so many fashionistas are not blogging anymore. But luckily for us, many still are. There are loads of other affiliate programs like Shopstyle Collective, Fashion mia, Nordstrom, and New Chic.

Want a Career in Fashion Blogging?

Do you think you can crush it as a fashion blogger?

If you want to start a fashion blog, read my step-by-step guide on how to start a WordPress blog. Don’t wait any longer. Start today!

Check out our other articles on blogging on your own. You’ll find great advice on everything from how to write a winning about me page, how to get a blog name, how to choose the right blogging niche, and so much more.

Take a close look at the successful fashion blogs I’ve reviewed below and learn how to take your passion and turn it into a profitable hobby or full-time business. If you love curating new looks, collaborating with brands, and setting your own sense of style, fashion blogging may just be your perfect blogging niche.

Come on, let’s get started!

List of 32 Best Personal Blogs in Fashion

This list is made up of current fashion blogs featuring bloggers that post frequently. Enjoy the style, the visuals, and the energy of each fashion blog you see here. Be inspired!

For each blog, I identify their niche audience, the styles they embrace, and the values they uphold. By comparing these blogs, you’ll be able to see what categories are vital to have in this niche. Perhaps you will see an opening that you could fill that will appeal to a niche audience. Usually, this will be the angle that makes you unique. In a niche that is so popular, you need to think hard about what you can bring that will be different and make you stand out. If you can offer content that is worth at least $10 a month to a subscriber, and you can get 1000 paid subscribers… do the math.

Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Bring on the bling!

1. Chiara Ferragni: The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad - best fashion blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Italy.
When was it started? 2009.
Who started it? Chiara Ferragni.
Who runs it now? The Blonde Salad is a family concern, Chiara’s two sisters and her mom form the talent agency at The Blonde Salad. Chiara is the chairman and CEO of Blonde Salad. She is also the founder and chairman of The Chiara Ferragni Collection, which she launched in 2013.

The Blonde Salad is an e-commerce platform these days. It promotes exclusive see-now-buy-now capsules and an online magazine that covers topics from fashion, beauty, people, lifestyle, and talent.

The Evolution of this Fashion Blog

It started as an outfit blog, expanded into a style and travel magazine, and today it is a brand, with its own Instagram account and twitter handle. She posted her first Instagram story in 2012. By 2013 she was named in the top 500 fashion influencers worldwide. By 2015, her success as a digital influencer made her a force to be reckoned with. 2016 saw her blog transform into an e-commerce and media platform. By 2018 she was marked to be one of three people that would influence the Italian economy through fashion/influencing.

Chiara took her love of fashion and applied good business acumen. She is a sought after model, a mom to Leo, a wife to the rapper, Fendez. She works with brands like Lancome, Pantene, and many more top-class global beauty brands.

A documentary is out, titled Chiara Ferragni Unposted, she has also published fashion books.

@chiaraferragni has over 209M followers on Instagram, and it is her primary platform.

Fashion Niche/Style (Target Audience): Effortless chic, casually stylish, fresh. Fashion is a tool to express yourself.
Blog Categories: Chiara Ferragni, magazine, talent agency, contact, clothing, accessories, shoes.
Follow on: Facebook, Instagram @theblondesalad (1M followers), YouTube, Flipboard.
Also, @chiaraferragni (over 29M followers), and @chiaraferragnicollection.

2. Leandra Medine: Man Repeller

Man Repeller - fashion blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? USA. Leandra is from Manhattan.
When was it started? 2010.
Who started it? Leandra Medine (Leandra M. Cohen).
Who runs it now? Her team of 14.

Where an interest in fashion never undermines one’s intellect. This is their mission statement. This blog has the best articles, it is a fashion blog with substance.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Casual, stylish, everyday wear, relatable, great writing.
Blog Categories: Fashion, Everything Else, From Team MR.
Follow on: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter@ManRepeller, Insta- 1M followers, Flipboard, YouTube, Bloglovin.com.

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3. Wendy Nguyen: Wendy’s Lookbook – Best Fashion Blog

Wendy's Lookbook fashion blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? New York.
When was it started? About 10 years ago.
Who started it? Wendy Nguyen.
Who runs it now? Wendy Nguyen.

Wow! Where to start? Wendy has a backstory that will bring tears of sorrow and then tears of pride and finally, tears of JOY! She is indeed a fashion guru for inspiration, imagination, and fashion. She is a go-getter, an intelligent, driven individual that took her circumstances and overcame her obstacles. On a personal level, she is an exceptional human being, as a fashion icon, digital influencer, and Instagram sensation she is still achieving success and bringing fashion to our fingertips.

Her blog is faultless, The layout is sleek, sophisticated, and uncluttered. The simplicity is beguiling, the fashion is Art, the visuals stunning, and the ease with which you can whizz around the site, check out fashion, read some posts, get inspired and SHOP, is seamless.

Well Done Wendy! Wendy’s Lookbook continues to dominate both the blogging and social media platforms. She is also involved in empowering young girl’s in the welfare and prison system, through education and her foundation.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Sophisticated, chic, urban, sleek, edgy, trendy, this woman ROCKS!
Blog Categories: About, Social, Shop, Fashion, Travel, Beauty.
Follow on: Pinterest, Facebook, Insta-1.4M followers, Twitter, YouTube, Podcast – ArtemisRadio.

4. Gabi Gregg aka Gabi Fresh

Best Instagram fashion blog

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Gabi started her fashion blog out of pure frustration because she did not see plus-size women like her being represented in the media. You can access her fashion blog. She is very active on LiveJournal, which is where she first made some noise. Since then, she has been featured in every noteworthy fashion rag you can think of!

She is also the face of Playful Promises, her lingerie line, and online store. She was instrumental in bringing the itsy bitsy, not so teeny weeny “fatkini” into the limelight with her collaboration, Swimsuitsforall. So in my eyes, even though Gabi Gregg is awesome and campaigns for body positivity, she is more of an Instagram sensation, an activist, a model, a designer, and a digital influencer than she is a blogger. But she did have a blog during college called youngfatnadfabulous.com, which is no longer around.

Being one of the first digital influencers to highlight the need for plus-size fashion to be accepted alongside haute couture, she has gained notoriety and an Insta following of 778k, last count! Her GabiFresh Facebook page is constantly updated, used to promote her brands and online shopping outfits.

As a designer, she encourages big women to wear what they want as they throw fashion rules out the window. She teamed up with our next featured fashion blogger, Nicolette Mason. Mason is also plus-size; they brought out a fashion line called Premme in July 2017, which they closed in 2019 to pursue individual projects.

5. Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason blog
Nicolette Mason.com

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? NYC and LA.
When was it started? Sometime around 2016/17.
Who started it? Nicolette Mason.
Who runs it now? Nicolette Mason.

This lady is dynamite. A brand strategist, creative consultant, designer, writer, and blogger, she has collaborated with high fashion magazines and brands since 2011. She has been widely recognised as a great fashion blogger.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): plus-size fashion.
Blog Categories: About, Shop, Press, FAQ, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle, Home, Featured.
Follow on: Pinterest, Facebook, Insta-230K followers, Twitter, Tumblr.

6. Monroe Steele: Fashion Steele NYC

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? New York.
When was it started? 2015
Who started it? Monroe Steele

Steele started Fashion Steele NYC in 2015, as a way to share her love of fashion with the world. She wanted to create a blog that would inspire people to express themselves through their clothes, and to show them that fashion is for everyone, regardless of their size, shape, or budget.

Steele’s blog is known for its diversity and inclusivity. She features people of all ages, sizes, and races on her blog, and she celebrates all styles, from high-end couture to thrift store finds. She also regularly features plus-size models and influencers, which is rare in the fashion industry.

Steele’s blog is also known for its high-quality photography. She works with a team of talented photographers to create stunning images that capture the essence of her blog’s message. Her photos are often featured in magazines and on fashion websites, and they have helped to make her blog a popular destination for fashion lovers all over the world.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Anyone who loves elegant styles. One can find tons of advice on how to dress smartly for any occasion.
Blog Categories: Home, Categories, Shop
Follow them: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr

7. Lyn Slater: Accidental Icon

Accidental icon
Accidental icon blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? New York.
Who started it, and who runs it now? Lyn Slater.

For women who live interesting but ordinary lives. Do yourself a favor and read this striking icon’s about me page. She writes for and celebrates women, the empowerment of women, and the uniqueness of women. She is a University professor and a fashion icon to women of all ages. Age is a state of mind, she embodies all that women can be regardless of age. Original connections without eccentricity, being yourself, expressing yourself can all be done through fashion.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Although aimed at over 60s, it is a blog for every person who enjoys well-written, thought-provoking articles, and beautiful fashion shots.
Blog Categories: Creating, Curating, Collaborating, About, Subscribe, Contact.
Follow them: Instagram-757K followers.

8. Negin Mirsalehi

neginmirsalehi.com fashion blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? The current location is Amsterdam.
When was it started? Around 2013?
Who started it, and who runs it now? Negin Mirsalehi.

This fashion blog features the work and life of Negin. She is a stunning woman, who is also the founder of Gisou hair. She is a bee-keeper, and her hair product for adding volume and curl contains propolis.
Her success can be seen through multiple partnerships with high-end brands. She has mentioned once that it is difficult to explain what inspires her style or how to describe it in a sentence.

Indeed, her fashion sense is broad and depends on which part of the world she is in, her surroundings, the time of the day, and most importantly, her mood. She loves to experiment. One minute she is an edgy rock chick, and the next she is an exquisite and feminine woman. This is why she has a constant fanbase that is excited to watch what next look she will pull off.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Young, trendy fashion styles. Casual, chic, effortless. Her appeal is global because she travels for many of her shoots and for work, and pleasure. So this fashion blog is just bursting with amazing fashion ensembles, matched with beautiful backdrops from places like Japan, Amsterdam, London, Belgium, Denmark, Dubai, Ibiza, and many more.
Blog Categories: Home, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Negin360°, Contact.
Follow on: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Insta-7.1M followers.

9. Olivia Palermo

oliviapalermo.com blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? New York.
When was it started? 2011.
Who started it? Olivia Palermo.
Who runs it now? Olivia is the founder and CCO.

She runs the elegant OliviaPalermo.com. She is the queen of the in-between, such as classic and modern, cool and feminine. Olivia is more relatable than most fashion bloggers because she re-wears her favorite pieces, which gives her audience a chance to see how she styles them in many different ways. It also opens a window to explore how she comes up with a look and the tricks to styling her wardrobe staples.
Olivia has been in this industry for quite some time now. Therefore, it is incredible how she has been able to be true to her aesthetic that has stood the sands of time. Polished is a word that has been used to describe her on multiple occasions. She loves to play around with colors as she focuses on an accessory such as a belt to get a pulled-together look.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Everyday work looks, stylish, elegant, practical. On-trend.
Blog Categories: Fashion and Beauty.
Follow on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook.

10. Sincerely Jules: Jules Sarinana

Sincerely Jules fashion blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Born in Mexico, Jules is now based in LA.
When was it started? 2009.
Who started it, and who runs it now? Jules Sarinana.

Besides having very cool collaborations with brands like Billabong, Revolve, and Scunci, she also travels for photoshoots. Her fashion is young, fun, and edgy at the same time. She has perfected an LA look that is laced with sophistication. And she keeps it fresh.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Young women 20-40s but not restricted to, of course!
Blog Categories: My style, Collabs, Collages, Lifestyle, Shop my Looks, Latest Thing, Hello, Contact.
Follow on: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

11. Alyson Walsh: That’s Not My Age

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? London.
When was it started? 2008.
Who started it, and who runs it now? Alyson Walsh

Walsh is freelance journalist; former magazine fashion editor and author and she strongly believes that in the world of fashion ages doesn’t matter. She started her blog to navigate unchartered waters where women of ever age could find a harbour of celebration while emphasizing style, fashion, health, beauty and lifestyle for those over 50.

Her posts are insightful, inspiring and practical, prompting readers to re-evaluate their wardrobes and make wise investment in versatile clothing and accessories.

In 2019 her blog won the Best Women’s Fashion Blog award at Vuelio’s Online Influence Awards.  

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Women Over 50, but surely every women can find something useful on her blog
Blog Categories: Fashion & Style,Shopping, Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, Outfits, Podcast, Subscribers, Shop The TNMA Edit
Follow on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

12. Glamazon Diaries

glamazon diaries blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Washington D.C.
When was it started? 2007.
Who started it? Makeda Saggau-Sackey.
Who runs it now? Makeda.

Makeda is an influencer and an advocate for the body positive movement. She’s bold, sassy, and confident. Her fashion style is feminine and adventurous. She brings bold colors and glamor to outfits that exude sophistication and fun simultaneously! Her mission is to inspire women that wear plus-size.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Plus-size fashion for women that want affordable, on-trend clothing that feels and looks upmarket and chic, with a dash of playfulness.
Blog Categories: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, parties, travel, wellness.
Follow on: Pinterest, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

13. Chriselle Lim: The Chriselle Factor

The Chriselle Factor fashion blog

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Where is the blog (and blogger) based? California.
When was it started? 2011.
Who started it? Chriselle Lim.
Who runs it now? Chriselle is still the creative director, but her team has increased to 10 members. She has over a million followers on Instagram and is also active on Snapchat.

Chic. Chriselle and her husband Allen have 2 daughters, so her fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty blog now includes motherhood. She may be a mommy blogger, but her blog is no mom blog. She is firmly planted in the fashion world and a great fashion blogger.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Young mothers, working women, chic, and casually elegant.
Blog Categories: Fashion, travel, beauty, motherhood, lifestyle.
Follow them: Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube.

14. Nicole Warne: Gary Pepper Girl

Nicole Warne blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Australia.
When was it started? 2009.
Who started it? Nicole Warne.
Who runs it now? Nicole has switched to Instagram, and her handle is @nicolewarne.

Nicole is a prestigious personality in the world of digital influencing. She has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram. This is another example of blogger turned Instagrammer. Her blog, Gary Pepper Girl has received multiple awards, and Nicole has been mentioned by Forbes in the Top 30 under 30. She collaborates with high-end brands like Chanel, Dior, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Cartier, and more. Nicole is also an ambassador for @adoptchangeau. She is married to photographer Luke Shadbolt.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Followers of high-end couture, millennials.
Blog Categories: (on Instagram) gardening, bushfires, #BLM, skin, fitness, Chanel, Egypt, Jakarta, and more. Her blog has categories, fashion, travel, shopping, fashion week, beauty, personal, design, video.
Follow on: Facebook, Pinterest, Insta, Twitter, Bloglovin, YouTube.

15. Danielle Bernstein: We Wore What

We Wore What fashion blog
We Wore What.com

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? New York.
When was it started? Around 2010.
Who started it, and who runs it now? Danielle Bernstein.

Danielle is the founder, CEO, author, investor and also the designer of We Wore What. Danielle’s style can be described as effortless elegance. The fashion curations that she puts forward are young, trendy, casual, but smart. But it’s her poise and grace that pull the outfits together. Her fashion blogs are just like a cool Caribbean breeze.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): With the motto: No one wears it better than you, it’s plain to see that We Wore What appeals to women from all walks of life. She gives casual looks paired with denim and neutrals a fresh feel.
Blog Categories: About, Lifestyle, Fashion, Shop, Blog.
Follow on: Instagram.

16. Sarah Vickers: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Classy Girls Wear Pearls blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? New England.
When was it started? 2014.
Who started it, and who runs it now? Sarah Vickers.

The blog was created as an outlet to showcase their clothing and accessory line – Kiel James Patrick. And it evolved into a vibrant, charming, colorful blog. Sarah’s about page reads, “A New England girl’s pursuit of quality fashion, friendship and coastal living. The fashion blog is unique, and it’s the cheerfulness of the images that grab your attention.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Under 40s, young parents.
Blog Categories: Style, Lifestyle, Travel, Work, Shop. In the Lifestyle category, you’ll find Books, Recipes, Interiors, Family, Summer, and Fall.
Follow on: Facebook, Pinterest, Insta, Twitter.

17. Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Carrie Bradshaw Lied fashion blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Currently San Francisco.
When was it started? 2010.
Who started it – Who runs it now? Kathleen Barnes.

Bringing attainable luxury into your closet, home, and travels. A style and fashion blog that also covers food and drinks, travel, and home decor. Kat has a huge ‘gram following – over 460k!

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): 20s to 40s, new moms, practical, casual, chic, on-trend.
Blog Categories: Fashion, Marriage and Family, Food and Drinks, Travel, Home, Friday Five, Beauty, Personal, Video.
Follow on: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Insta.

18. The Style Scribe

The Style Scribe

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Dallas.
When was it started? Not sure, maybe 4 years ago?
Who started it? Merrit Beck.
Who runs it now? Merrit Beck and her team.

The Style Scribe is a breath of fresh air. It is a Fashion blog as well as a Lifestyle blog that also covers beauty, travel, health, and fitness. The blog is easy to navigate and is also very practical. She re wears and restyles many of her wardrobe-essentials. Her favorite item at the moment: A neutral trench.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Her clothes reflect summer (it’s the season). So the curations and ensembles are very light, countryside, casual, and practical. You can wear the same pieces in many ways, just by accessorizing differently.
Blog Categories: She has the main categories mentioned above, but I love, love, love her sub-categories under Fashion. They are Outfits, Capsule Wardrobes, The Edit (my favorite), One-piece – 4 ways, At any age, and Under $100.
Follow on: YouTube, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

19. Southern Curls and Pearls

Southern Curls and Pearls

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Winston Salem, North Carolina.
When was it started? 2011.
Who started it? Caitlin M. Covington.
Who runs it now? Caitlin and a professional team.

Very girly, Southern at times, fresh, pretty, frilly, country, sporty, casual.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): 20s-40s.
Blog Categories: Outfits, travel, home, wellness, shop.
Follow them: Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Liketoknow.it.

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20. The Viva Luxury

@anabellefleur fashion

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Originally from Latvia, now in LA.
When was it started? 2017.
Who started it? Annabelle Fleur.
Who runs it now? Anabelle and a team.

Very professional fashion shoots with fashion styles ranging from top-end designer brands to everyday looks. A great fashion blogger.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Generation Z and the younger half of the millennial crowd. Huge personal Instagram following.
Blog Categories: Accessories, Beauty, Lifestyle, Looks, Shop.
Follow on: Insta, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, Twitter.

21. The Gold Lipstick

@thegoldlipstick fashion instagram blog

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Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Barcelona, Spain.
When was it started? 2015 (when Mireia started blogging).
Who started it? Mireia from Spain.
Who runs it now? Mireia.

An authentic personal fashion blog. Mireia blogs regularly and also blogs on how to start your own fashion blog. It’s great to find blogs that are based outside the US. Mireia has a small following on Insta. What’s cool about her blog, besides the OOTD and fashion content, is that she interviews a lot of people in the fashion industry. And because she is based in Europe, she meets with fashion people that will be new to US readers.

Her OOTD (Outfits of the day) have definitely got a European feel to them, and she is stylish and chic also. She covers Fashion Week in Barcelona. Very recently, she added a Discover X section to her blog. Discover X showcases Mireia’s favorite places to go to in Barcelona, the city that has her heart.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Young women of all ages that want stylish work looks and casual yet elegant leisure looks.
Blog Categories: About, Contact, Fashion & OOTD, Beauty and Skincare, Blogging 101, Interviews, Discover X.
Follow on: Instagram @goldlipstick. The Gold Lipstick Blog on Facebook and @thegoldlipstick on Twitter.

22. Gal Meets Glam

Gal Meets Glam blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Charleston, South Carolina.
When was it started? 2011.
Who started it? Julia Engels, now Berolzheimer.
Who runs it now? Julia.

This is how Julia describes her fashion blog: “I believe style is in the details, a delicate bow makes the perfect finishing touch. Beauty begins with confidence. Happiness is a choice, and a new adventure is just around the corner.”

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): 20 – 40s or anyone that feels that age!
Blog Categories: Style, beauty, Travel, Home, Daily Looks, Quick Reads.
Follow on: YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Insta, Twitter.

23. Christie Tyler


Where is the blog (and blogger) based? NYCbambi.com, @thestrawjournal, @nycbambi. All New York.
When was it started? I think NYCBambi, the blog, was started in 2017 when Christie was 20.
Who started it? Christie Tyler, influencer, blogger, YouTuber, Instagrammer, a graduate of fashion and design school.
Who runs it now? The blog is not active in that the last post was in 2019, but Christie is still very active on Instagram (475k followers) and YouTube. Christie is a perfect example of an influencer that has developed her brand and also created a successful business and is now a successful entrepreneur. She co-founded Bambi Studios and also runs The Straw Journal, an interior design account on Instagram (11.3k followers).

Christie loves neutrals. Her niche is all about elevating, utilizing, transforming, and curating these shades and tones.

There is a definite American feel to her fashion sense. She can go from boho dresses, summer vibes, edgy fashion, androgyny, and minimalism. But she has a way of drawing all this back to the American feeling of freedom. Besides, it is interesting to see how her style stands out comfortably, no matter where she goes.
When it comes to striking the balancing femininity and masculinity, Christie has hit the nail on the head on this one. She blends her masculine pieces, such as male shirts with her feminine ones, creating a unique style that we have probably never seen before. She focuses on natural tones such as grey, white, and black. This type of style looks very effortless, but it takes a lot of craft to pull together.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Millennials and Gen Z girls that enjoy being smart and chic but also casual and carefree.
Blog Categories: Fashion, interiors, art, NY, and travel.
Follow on: YouTube, Insta, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter.

24. Jyo Shankar


Where is the blog (and blogger) based? San Francisco Bay Area.
When was it started?
Not sure.
Who started it? Jyotsna Shankar.
Who runs it now? Jyo and her husband, Anush.

Jyo’s style is an extension of her passions, all things tropical, bright, and breezy! Her motto: One outfit at a time, one beach at a time. She also loves to travel. Her style and travel blog is well worth a look. She has collaborations with the likes of ShopBop, Planet Blue, Nordstrom, Sephora, and more.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Stylish beach bums and carefree souls, with a touch of effortless style.
Blog Categories: Home, Outfits, Travel, Lifestyle, Shop. The travel sub-categories include Travel Guides, Destinations, Experiences, Tips, Hotel reviews.
Follow on: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube.

25. Grece Ghanem @greceghanem


This @greceghanem profile is worth following, and you can add it to the best fashion blogs of the century. Grece Ghanem is one of the few women who create their style and also share it with others. These bold combinations will inspire everyone, see for yourself.

26. Alexa Chung @alexachung

Alexa Chung @alexachung

Redefining the meaning of cool-girl fashion, she is one to watch out for. The ability to mix vintage pieces with designer ones in an effortless manner is what Alexa does best. She also can pull her style effortlessly and uniquely. It is without a doubt that she is on everybody’s list of top fashion bloggers. Her style has the “je ne sais quoi” touch to it. It is no secret that she has personalized her whole ensemble.

Hence, we cannot compare her to anyone, because there is no other like her or similar to her. The simplest style is most definitely one of the hardest to pull off. It is not surprising that she has a staggering 6M following on Instagram, and her blog is on the list of the best fashion blogs.

27. Jenn Im @imjennim

Jenn Im @imjennim

Jenn Im’s clothing line describes itself as a line that is, “…inspired by the girl next door with an eclectic style.” She has confirmed that her line is a reflection of her wardrobe, which she showcases on her Instagram page that has 1.7 million followers.

Also, describing her style in one word is impossible as she can switch things up frequently and regularly without losing that personal touch she possesses. Simple, classy staples have laid the foundation for her style and are indeed the diverging point. Furthermore, the forever evolving manner of Jenn Im is fascinating to watch. You do not know what will happen next. How thrilling!

28. Jamie Mansfield @jamienkidd

Jamie Mansfield - blog

I also put Jamie Mansfield on the list of the best fashion blogs. At a glance, you cannot miss Jamie’s luscious hair. One could say it is her main accessory. Speaking of accessories, she has partnered with numerous jewelry lines such as Ciaobella and Neon Gypsy designs. Jamie even mentioned that if she weren’t an influencer, she would be a full-time jewelry designer. Her gallivanting heavily influences her sense of style; for instance, when in a tropical area, she tends to lean more on the boho sides of fashion.

29. Candela Pelizza @candela_________

Candela Pelizza blog

Born in Argentina, Candela Pelizza Tricarico’s wardrobe is an envy of many. The former model traveled the world to walk runaways. The nomadic characteristic of her work influenced her fashion sense. It is known that she has a soft spot for Fendi and is frequently spotted wearing lots and lots of Fendi.

Moreover, she has 629K followers on Instagram, and her fashion features bold colors and has splashes of oversized silhouettes that enhance her chic street style. With every season, she always has an item or two that she is obsessed with and will work around that.

3 Of The Best Men’s Fashion Blogs / Fashion Bloggers

If you think that fashion blogs are only blogs for women – you are very wrong. Actually, there are many really inspiring men’s fashion blogs online. In retrospect, I should have reviewed half and half. But just for good measure, here are 3 men’s fashion blogs that I found excellent, and each one is completely different.

30. What My Boyfriend Wore (WMBW)

What my boyfriend wore - best fashion blog

Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Cape Town, South Africa.
When was it started? 2012.
Who started it? Sergio Ines (his girlfriend at the time initially started it, and it took off.)
Who runs it now? Sergio Ines, influencer, writer, blogger.

This blog is an absolute gem. In fact, it outstrips many fashion blogs aimed at women because Sergio Ines is a brilliant writer. And a very snappy dresser! This is a legit fashion diary. The blog posts are his own. His fashion sense is impeccable. He is active on Twitter, and he has an Instagram account. His daily tweets appear in a column on the right of his blog, so it adds to the value because you get a sense of immediateness. It makes the blog feel very personable and authentic.

This is a good blog because he has paid attention to many details that make you want to keep looking around on his site. He has a really cool content column. His blog categories range from Dapper Dexterity, Menswear101, Sartorial Sundays, and many more. If you want to see many other cool, top male blogs please check out my article.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): His target audience is “gentlemen”, Dandies, business professionals. Smart and dapper.
Blog Categories: Eats, Travels, Drinks, Fitness, and of course, Fashion.
Follow them: Twitter, Instagram.

31. Steven Onoja

Top fashion blogs and bloggers

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Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Nigerian – born New Yorker.
Who started it? Steven Onoja.
Who runs it now? Steven Onoja.

The blog is not actually a blog. There are no posts. Steven’s base is Instagram. If you go to his website, you’ll discover it is nothing more than a link so people can find him on Insta. It appears that it may become a blog slash online store at some stage. But for now, it’s just there for show. But Steven is definitely a stylish man!

Steven breaks the rules when it comes to fashion. Being born and raised in Nigeria has had a lot of impact on his style. Now residing in New York, his idea of fashion is a form of self-expression. Indeed, with his artistic background, he has a unique way of weaving his state of mind into his dressing. He has innate style, and his artistic streak is evident in his awesome photos that makes him a great fashion blogger.

Steven aims to inspire men from all walks of life to have the boldness and ability to pull off this expression effortlessly. He has 90.3k followers on Instagram. This is evidence that men also need representation in this world of fashion. And they appreciate those who are already in this field.
Follow them: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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32. Dappered


Where is the blog (and blogger) based? United States.
When was it started? 2009.
Who started it? Joe Weber.
Who runs it now? Dappered is run by 10 stylish, bargain-hunters of the male persuasion.

The byline reads: Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and affordable. This blog has articles written in a casual, very relatable way. The site is loaded with fashion tips, good advice for men that are clueless about shopping for clothes. The blog posts cover more than just fashion curation. It covers topics that appeal to modern men, from fashion to booze, to travel. Dappered has you covered.

Fashion Niche (Target Audience): Men who want style at affordable prices.
Blog Categories: Don’t Miss Anything, Start Here, Essentials Shop, Latest Deals, Style Scenarios, Reviews, Forum.
Follow them: Linked In, Twitter, Facebook.

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Fashion changes all the time. I bet a year from now some of these fashion bloggers will still be at it, while others will have moved on to bigger and better things. As you can see from the fashion blogs I reviewed, some of the blogs take a back seat to Instagram now. Some fashion blogs that were reviewed last year had to be removed because there are no recent posts. This is completely natural as many fashion bloggers are really young when they start a fashion blog.

And so as soon as their lives take off they don’t have time for a blog. Others have used their blog as a platform to increase their online presence, and others have turned their fashion blogs into mini empires. 

Whether you want to start a fashion blog for fun or for profit, as long as you follow a few pointers that bloggers need to follow to make their blogs accessible to the target audience, there are no limits. 

You get to call the shots! (And style them!)


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