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Are all blog name generators created equal? On my mission to find out, I arrived at 13 of the best blog name generators. This list doesn’t include domain registrar sites, which are slightly different to the name search tools on the list.

What I learned from my “Blog Name Generator Fact-Finding Mission” is that blog name generators are NOT all created equal. And I will explain why.

Even though there are thousands of name generating tools online, not everyone who blogs knows about them yet. Even I was a bit in the dark about them, prior to my research. So I hope to save “up and coming” bloggers a huge amount of time with this review.

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Before I get to the review let’s clarify between domain registrar sites, domain hosting sites and domain name finders. You can replace the word “domain” with “blog”. Why? Because choosing a blog name is like choosing a domain name. You want people to find your blog by its name. And the name appears as a URL, which is the domain.

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What is a blog name generator?

Blog name generators are online tools that generate names for blogs, domains, podcasts, websites, and businesses. These tools generate names using search filters, and keywords provided by the user.

Blog name generators, domain name generators, website name generators, and business name generators all do the same thing. That is, you type keywords into the search bar and the tool generates a list of possible names. You then have to check that the name and extension you want is still available to be registered as a domain name.

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Side Note: Some business name generators produce names that don’t fit the criteria for blog names. is a perfect example. Their site is awesome and easy to use, but their search filter is different to those found on domain/blog name generator sites. They don’t use keywords or categories in the same way, and the names that are up for sale don’t read well for blogs. But if you are ever looking for a brandable business name, including a logo, this site is great.

Let’s get back to blog name generators.

Ideally, you want your blog name and your domain name to be the same. And the most popular extension to use is .com, followed by .org and .net. And, of course, your country (if you are outside the US).

Blog name generators vs Domain registrars

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A blog name generator is not the same as a domain registrar. A domain registrar checks the availability of your chosen name. If it’s available you can register it immediately with that site. Or register it through your hosting site.

Disclosure: Please note that when you purchase hosting using our Bluehost affiliate link, they compensate us, which helps us make our blog & themes free of charge to you. Know that we recommend only products, tools or services that we have tested.

I recommend buying a domain name along with hosting plan from a professional hosting provider. At Bluehost, thanks to our link, you will receive a 60% discount on your hosting plan, and you will get the domain name for the whole year for free. It’s a significant saving.

Most domain registrars don’t have the name generating function as an option. You must arrive at the site with your chosen name and then check to see if it’s available. But good blog name generators will give you the option to check availability and register the name. Thus, they facilitate the whole process, but be careful. The price of a domain registration through domain name generators may be higher than that bought from your hosting provider.

As you’ll see in my review, the better blog name generators will have links to hosting sites, like Bluehost. Or there will be a link to a domain registrar, like GoDaddy or NameCheap. They also host. Most hosting sites will have a domain name checker. But not all domain name checker sites will be hosting platforms. Got it? Don’t worry it can sound confusing at first.

When you register with a domain registrar you’re charged an annual fee, to keep your name. And if you don’t renew, anyone can buy it and use it or put it up for sale.

Check if your domain name is available

If you register your blog name through your hosting platform registration and renewal is taken care of, as part of your hosting package. Bluehost offers this type of deal. With your hosting plan, you will get a free domain name for the whole year. So do not buy a domain from a domain registrar, because it may be unprofitable. Choose your hosting plan at Bluehost at a special price, and get a domain name for free.

Some blog name generators only generate names. Some will generate a name and allow you to check for availability. And others will generate a name, check for availability, and direct you to a registrar site or hosting platform.

Quality of the generated names

What sets name generators apart from each other is the quality of the generated names. Ideally, you want a name generator that is going to offer practical, usable names. Many of these names will be taken, some will be available, and many of them will be up for sale. Prices range and often the price is negligible. Other times the prices are preposterous.

Side Note: This is where domain brokers come in. Sites like GoDaddy offer these services. Names will be available, you’ll click to register and then you’ll see it’s available at a price! I realized that the domain name game is a huge industry! It was quite an eye-opener. And the scene seems to be dominated by Bluehost, GoDaddy, and NameCheap. Dreamhost and Hostgator are right behind them. If you want to go with a smaller, more independent company, they do exist. But with so many scams and fly by nights around, it seems wise to go with trusted sites. Especially when you are starting a blog.

Domain registar

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Domain registrars will allow you to check your name for availability but will not generate a list of possible names. These sites sometimes act as domain name brokers. They advertise premium names, usually with the price tag, so you know what to expect.

Other times you have to make an offer. You will either be redirected to another site or the domain registrar will help set you up to negotiate a price. If you purchase it, you will still have to keep it registered, even if you don’t use it. This is what is referred to as “parking” a domain.

Domain registrar sites are often host providers too. Some are simply there to register and check availability. I’ve added a list of domain registers which you can find at the end of the blog name generator review. Click here to go directly to this list.

Are there different types of name generators?

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Yes, some are literally name generators and they spew forth actual names of people, fake and real. And others, as I’ve mentioned, generate a slew of names for podcasts, websites, blogs, video channels, businesses, domains, and brands.

Some blog name generators are designed to generate proper names and word combinations that work well as brandable domain names. Others exist because it’s a drawcard for the site, which isn’t really selling anything except adverts. These sites are often not linked to any domain registrar sites and the quality of generated names is laughable.

Other sites will have their own portfolios of “premium” names. Others will just generate names and rely on affiliate marketing to generate revenue. They are all different in some way. But operate on the same principle – to generate words. (And in some cases non-words!)

How do blog name generators work?

The home page, or landing page, displays a search bar. You type in one or two keywords and hit the search icon. Et voila!

You’ll be asked to type in one or two keywords. A list of options will appear. But some of these tools give millions of word combinations so they usually have built-in search filters. This helps to narrow down and refine your search. The search filter is what sets one blog name generator apart from the other.

Some sites will have a simple search bar that allows you to type in a keyword to generate viable options. Other sites have separated the different blogging niches and you can go straight to the niche-specific name generator to find an appropriate blog name ideas. Others will have search filters where you type in your niche or “sector”.

Search filters

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Search filters will contain various preferences. Most blog name generators will have easy to navigate search filters and preferences that cover all aspects of the name building exercise.

Choose options for

  • suffixes,
  • prefixes,
  • portmanteau,
  • alliteration,
  • extensions,
  • availability.

The wordoid, WHOIS, appears in many search results. You can click on this word and get directed to a page with the details of the person, or company, that is holding the name. The name will most likely be up for sale. And you have to go through a broker. Often you can see the URL of who “owns” it. And on further investigation, you’ll either find a legitimate sale option or a somewhat “dodgy” site with not much else to go on. Or you’ll be directed back to a domain broker site.

If you have a small budget you’ll be happy to know that often “taken names” will suit your pocket. I almost keeled over at the price of some though! They go for six figures! On the other end, there are domain names for sale that will never sell. Who wants to pay $7 000.00 for a name like (not a real example). But you get the picture, right? Which leads us to the next section.

What do blog name generators charge for the names you get?

Most of these online tools do not charge. They generate income from adverts and affiliate links. Some sites will have their own collection of names that you can buy. And these are known as “premium”. I don’t know how they arrive at the prices, but it’s probably based on keyword value and analytics. A good blog name is going to contain keywords that get searched often.

And now for the review.

The Best 13 Blog Name Generators – Review for 2020

Many of the sites I found turned out to be registrar sites, not name generators. Of the 36 blog and domain name generators I tried, these 13 came out on top.

1. Lean Domain Search – Best For .com Extensions

Domain name generator

Read about is a lovely site to navigate. As the name implies, it is uncluttered and simple. It has a 95% accuracy rate. When you click on a generated name it double-checks, so there is a 1 in 20 (5%) chance your name will be taken. And it’s extremely fast with results. It tells you how many available names it’s generated. only deals with .com extensions but you won’t see .com in the search. Just know that it’s there. They believe that less tech orientated folks almost always associate domain names Bear this in mind when finding a name. Rather go for a name that is available in .com.

Of all the blog name generators this one had some of the best name options. The options are viable and sound legit. Unlike other generator sites, where they spew out names that are gibberish.

I typed in “blog”. 219 .com names were still available as two and three-word combos.

If anyone reading this is at the blog naming stage, come to this site pronto to nab a pretty decent blog name containing the word “blog”.

2. Bust A Name – Best Blog Name Generator Still In Beta

Bust A name - domain name generator

Read also about is still in beta. But it shows promise. Sites still in the beta stage may not have all features fully functioning as bugs and glitches may still be getting sorted out. This makes the site unstable.

The filtering setup is simple and efficient. There are four filter/search blocks.

  • Domain maker is where you type in preferences like suffix or prefix, keyword, number of characters.
  • Options is where you ask to show which domain extensions you want and you have the option to see if the names are available immediately.
  • Results are where the list of generated names appear.
  • Saved Domains is where you can save the results you like.

The names it generated were not so helpful. Perhaps this is because it’s still in beta.

What’s cool is that when you click on any generated name, in the Results section, a block pops up with purchase price options for the domain names, from 3 or 4 different domain registrars. As well as hosting prices from about 3 or 4 host providers. And they are linked to sites like GoDaddy, NameCheap, Hostmonster, and Dreamhost. So you can go straight to the hosting site and get hosting at the same time.

3. NameBoy – Good Reputation

Nameboy - The best domain name generator is one of the longest-running business name generators. It has a good reputation.

Nameboy is affiliated with Bluehost and is linked to

Cost: If I host my blog with Bluehost for $2.95 per month, the domain name for one year is free. If I register through I get 25% off and end up paying $57.95 for two years, but I would still have to find a blog hosting platform.

How This Blog Name Generator works

How it works – Choose one or two keywords and hit submit. I chose “seashells”.

The domain name was not available. I had the option to make an offer. The link took me to And GoDaddy has a link that sends you to a GoDaddy Domain Broker. Also, I could register the domain with them and create an email account with the same name. And get hosting.

Another name, “”, was available. I can get 25% off if I register the name with If I use Bluehost I’ll get a free domain name. I checked, and although they register it on your behalf, you can take it with you if you transfer to another hosting site in the future. But it might take a while, depending on how much time is left since registration.

4. Namelix – Best Offer With Logo


You may also like is an offshoot of, a logo, and a brand-building platform. is their free blog name generator that will get you a short, catchy name to compliment and establish your business or blog.

How Namelix Blog Name Generator works

Type in keywords, the more specific the better. Namelix promotes the use of short, brandable names because they are easy to remember and affordable.

  • Type in your keyword – I used lipstick for this trial.
  • Choose between 3-6 characters(short), 6-12 characters or 13-15 characters (long). I chose 6-12 (medium length)
  • Pick a style – for example, it can be a foreign word, a real word, a person’s name, a compound word, rhyming words, misspelled words or multiple words. I chose multiple words
  • Hit generate
  • Browse through the generated names or click again for another selection.

I chose 5 examples – lipsticksky, lipstickvine, lipstickdude, mslipstick, and lipsilk. The first three were up for free, I would only have had to pay to register. Mslipstick was labeled premium and priced at $2795. Lipsilk was available for $2990. Extension for all of them was .com

By clicking on the premium “lipsilk”, I was redirected to, who is the seller. This name comes with a designed logo.

If you go for any of the free options you can save your choices and your searches will become more customized over time.

Save the ones that stand out for you. You can only save the names that aren’t premium. Your “saved” names will be remembered and used in the algorithm to refine your search further. is easy to use and visually appealing. Each name generated comes with a logo.

5. NameFresh

Namefresh name generator

Read also about is easy to use and your search will only generate names that are available. They use .com, .org, and .net extensions. Next to each available name is a button labeled register. If you want to register, it takes you to If you don’t want to use you can go to the registrar site of your choice and do it through them. It is often better to register with the same company that will host your blog. Many register sites are affiliated to hosting platforms like Bluehost. And some blog generator sites, like Nameboy, have pop-up windows that give you the chance to get your hosting and registration done simultaneously.

6. NameStation – Best Blog Name Generator With Multiple Generator Options


Related Posts is a great site. It looks and feels clean to use because there are no pop-up ads littering the screen. You can either let NameStation help you find an eye-catching blog name or you can start a contest. This is becoming a popular option. Companies are trying this out as a crowdsourcing initiative. NameStation helps you set up your own contest. They give great examples of company names that have been produced through running a contest. It works just as well for a blog name. So far over 8000 name finding contests have been held through NameStation.

If you use their search tools you’ll be given quite a lot of options and categories to pick from. But the layout is so professional that these choices don’t overwhelm you.

How NameStation Blog Name Generator works

On the left side of the screen is a panel showing word generating options. You can only pick one at a time. Each one brings up a slightly different type of generator. So you can try out names you come up with or get NameStation to generate options with choices like Alliterative, Portmanteau, or Modified words. You can choose which domains to search, find keyword domains, or pull up lists of conceptual names, business names, hand-picked, short, or random.

Every generator that comes up will give you options and preferences to get the search underway. I chose “keyword domains” with .com extension, and I chose to hide unavailable names. I also asked for popular affixes and related words to be included in the search. In order to unlock full features (which included hiding available names), I had to create a free account using FB or Google. The results showed that 4309 names were generated and of those, 1933 were discarded. was taken but I could choose from similar names with a variety of TLDs. Also, you can go to WHOIS and see when the name expires. Alternatively, GoDaddy gives you options to broker a deal or join an auction.

I was amazed to find was still available!

You’re welcome!

7. Business Name Generator – Good Name Options

Business Name Generator

Read also about is called business name generator but it generates names that are ideal for blogs too.

It probably had to settle for this name because is taken, even though it is not a name generator. When you type in you arrive on a landing page selling blog-related products and services.

Business Name Generator (BNG) is quite good. I typed in “teach blogging”. 2994 names were produced. There are 4 search filters.

  • One that generates the names
  • One that selects viable industry options
  • Result filters
  • Saved ideas

Under industry filters, I was given 4 options. This indicated to me what type of relevant names had been generated. Tech, marketing, education, and media came up. If I wanted to I could have changed these.

One disadvantage is that it shows all names and you only find out if it is available by clicking on the name. But then it brings up the name with many possible extensions and has a register button so if there is something you like you can register with GoDaddy, or choose your own registrar.

BNG has a drop-down menu that features all their available name generators so you can go to a specific field. When I called up “blog name generators” and typed in “teach blogging” I only got 2918 names. When I typed in the same using the Podcast name generator I got 2440 names. Sports, communications, and music came up under the industry filter.

But a domain name can be registered regardless of which BNG name generator you use.

8. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is another blog name generator that is easy to use and quite straightforward. I wasn’t impressed with their premium offers as they were not relevant to my search. Also, I used the keyword “seashell/s” and the results came up with a warning next to each one that there may be trademark infringement issues. I found this strange because a previous search with another blog name generator presented no issues. So although was taken I still had options. And when I cross-checked with Domain Wheel all the seashell domains had trademark infringement restrictions. So I typed in “lipstick”. That worked and when I clicked on “view details” I was directed to Bluehost.

9. Wordoid – Best For Fun (if you love playing with words)

Best blog name generators is well thought out. And it’s fun. On the left side of the screen, you type in your preferences. Your results appear on the right side. The preferences are:

  • Language: Choose from English, Spanish, Italian French, and German.
  • Quality: Choose high/medium/low. This indicates how natural the words must appear.
  • Pattern: Do you want the keyword to appear at the beginning, the end? Or must it just be contained in the wordoid?
  • Length: How many characters must the blog name contain?
  • Domain: Choose whether to show availability or not.

Wordoid only uses the .com extension.

10. NameMesh – Best Variety

NameMesh is also great fun to use. And of all the name generators I tried, this one had the most variations, laid out in a user-friendly way. There are 8 components to NameMesh:

  • Common: You can choose which TLDs you want. (.com is the most sought after. But .org, .net, and .edu also work.)
  • New: Check out name options matched up with new TLDs. (Over 1500)
  • Short: Overlap short words with TLDs
  • Extra: Check domain names with other popular TLDs
  • Similar: A List of methods is given to create words with similar meanings.
  • SEO: Using prefixes and suffixes and keywords that work well with SEO.
  • Fun: Other ways to create words. (Portmanteaux, alliteration, acronyms, etc.)
  • Mix: Same as fun, but different!

11. Panabee

Panabee - blog name generator was a bit disappointing. I picked up some hype during my research and most reviews include Panabee as a top choice. But I didn’t find the generated names that attractive.

It does, however, allow you to check a name across multiple platforms. So if you do find a name you like you can see immediately if you can use it on Twitter, Facebook. Insta, etc. (The list of social media platforms is quite long.)

And the other plus is that the creators use humor and seem like really cool people, that have created a site that spells fun. It does fall short on bringing up really outstanding name choices (in my opinion). Sorry guys.

12. Name Stall


Related Posts showed promise with a great selection of preferences and options. It ranges from domain name suggestions to domain name generators, brandable domains, highest paying keywords and more. The catch: you must subscribe and it costs $10 per month. So perhaps this site is aimed at people who hunt for domains to register and put up for resale.

13. Dot-o-mator

Best blog name generators is simply laid out and very easy to use. If available names come up, you can go straight to GoDaddy or NameCheap. If it’s taken you can click on the site and be directed to the actual site.

This wraps up my list of blog name generators that are worth a look.

A list of domain register sites

As promised: A list of domain register sites. Some include hosting or have a link to a hosting platform.

  • Namecheckr
  • Domainr
  • Domainit
  • NameCheap
  • Domainsbot
  • Instant domain search
  • Shopify Domain name generator
  • Domain Hole
  • Domain Scope
  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • DreamHost
  • Hostgator

Feel free to leave a comment if you find any good blog name generators that I have missed.

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