The 11 Best Food Blogs and Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2019

When food is ‘bae’, we can’t resist the eager to search for new recipes and gourmet others fellow foodies are into. Rather than turn to heavy cookbooks, many have turned to online blogs and their much-loved bloggers for those new casserole ideas and must-try Thanksgiving recipes.

If you are new to this, a blog is simply an online journal thus food blogging can be explained as online journals whose content is inspired by everything to do with food.

It is the representation of gourmet interest in cooking with a combination of blogging and photography. Such a blog may comprise of anything ranging from cooking styles, recipes, types of foods, food testing, reviews about different types of food, healthy eating and food photography. Majority of blogs have photos which are taken by the authors of the blogs who are called bloggers for better illustration on what you are about to get.

The essence of food blogging may be characterized as:

Cooking and Posting Blogs

Cooking and posting blogs focus particularly on bloggers who make food and journalise their cooking experience and tell their stories with mouth-watering pictorials. They can be anything to original or authentic recipes or exotic dishes from Italy, Mexico, India and even African cuisines.

Restaurant Reviews

Blogs like these are very popular as we count on them when searching for places to dine; be it in a new city or just few blocks away from you house. They provide restaurants reviews in terms of food quality, ambience, service, prices, and anything that makes the eateries standout positively or negatively. Restaurant review blogs are a more comprehensive version of “eat out” guide which usually includes tales about the love or hate of the restaurant experience, especially the food. Giving stories of hand-on experience, such blogs may either lead to rise or fall of a restaurant.

The Super Niche Blogs

These are blogs that focus on a specific subject within food itself e.g. vegan blogs, gluten free blogs, sugar free baking blogs. These blogs follow eating habits according to lifestyle choices. They tell stories and provide recipes alongside the food a particular group eats.

Recipe Blogs

These blogs are dedicated to the provision of recipes. They are more general in nature and are numerous too. Different authors share recipes, how to eat the food, and what it goes well with on their pages. It is mostly for people who want to explore new cuisine, different menu items or cooking novices.

Cooking Book Reviews

Just like any other book review, these type of food blog focuses on cook books, cooking guides and manual reviews. The authors talk about certain cook books that they have read and rate them accordingly. With everything on the internet now, it is rare to find cook books being used. However, for the book lovers, these blogs are the perfect guide to what books to read, for better experience in cooking, or learning about cooking from books.

Today, there are many online food journals strewn across the World Wide Web. It would be an exercise in futility to try and name them all. Nevertheless, the next few paragraphs will endeavour to list a few of the big names in food blogging.

1. Cookie and Kate

Best food blogs to follow
Top food blogs and bloggers

Cookie and Kate is an online food journal that is maintained by self-proclaimed chef Kathryne and her dog Cookie. The twosome endeavours in blogs that celebrate good food, showcasing their personal experiences with food.
The blog allows its consumers or subscribers to access a variety of recipes by ingredients, cuisine, diet, or course. The idea was conceived in 2010 and quickly turned into a reality. Vegetarian meals make up the bulk of Kate’s blog. In her spare moments, the author doubles in photography, a skill that goes well with her other passion.
Cookie and Kate subscribers can also access the blog through a mobile application where interested people may be guided through cooking a few meals. Some of Kate’s most popular recipes include crispy vegie potatoes and tacos and pancakes.

2. Pinch of Yum Lindsay

The best Food blogs and food bloggers
Food blogs you need to follow

Pinch of yum was started by Lindsay for left her teaching job to pursue her passion in cooking and sharing recipes. The blog basically involves cooking using instructions that are easy to follow. Lindsay shares food ideas using every day ingredients and provides other resources pertaining to cooking such as an e-book meal planner that guides you on healthy eating. Her favourite recipe is chicken tinga tacos.

3. I Am A Food Blog

Best food bloggers
List of top food bloggers

This online journal was founded by Stephanie Le after being dared Mike, her husband. Like Kate above, Stephanie is passionate about photography, writing, and food; the three constitutional attributes of a food blogger. I Am A Food Blog won the 2014 “editor’s choice” award by Savuer magazine for the best cooking blog. The same year, Stephanie and her team took home the “blog of the year” award.
Most of the dishes on the blog are of Asian flavour. You will also find stories about travel, other recipes and gadget related information. Her favourite recipes are Vietnamese spring rolls, bacon yakimochi, and mini scotched quail eggs.

4. Serious Eats

List of the best food blogs
Best food blogs

Serious Eats takes different approach with what they post, the art of cooking is more their thing with an extensive section on technique. They post unique recipes unlike like seen before and they have a whole section that is dedicated to grilling different types of foods. They also have sections on food histories and know you ingredients page. Most of their techniques are also trailblazers. Like their name they are more serious but audacious and inventive.

5. Recipe Girl

The best Food bloggers
Food blogs and bloggers

Recipe girl was started by Lori Lange in 2006. It has over 3000 recipes ranging from breakfast to sumptuous dinners. The blog was featured in top food websites like Kraft Sam’s club Pepperidge farm and many others. You can also search by several filters such as cuisine, ingredients, meal type and courses.

6. Add A Pinch

List of the best food bloggers
Top food blogs

Add a pinch was started by Robyn Stone who is a cooks who loves food. The blog mixes Southern recipes with contemporary lifestyles to create a unique experience for readers. Add a Pinch also has travel and lifestyle sections.


Instagram Food Blogs

Instagram, apart from being one of the most used pictorial social media platform, also has a wide spread of food blogs.

1. @cannellevanille

List of the best food blogs
Best instagram food bloggers

This “grammer” uses herd Instagram account as her food journal where she post every time she eats in a different city and invites followers on her Instagram to experience her food escapades in different cities one bite at a time. She has a blog which has caught the attention of leading food personalities in the food world such as food writer Avan Goyani Martha Stewart and even Gwyneth Paltrow. Her blog is called Cannelle et Vanille.

2. @spoonforkbacon

The best food bloggers
Top Instagram Food Bloggers

The account is run by food and styling photographing duo Terryline Fisher and Jenny Parks. The Instagram account is used share amazing and enticing original recipes with links to their food blog, Spoon Fork Bacon. Their recipes are simple.

3. @andrewscrivani

Best food blogs on Instagram
Food bloggers on Instagram

Andrew is a New York Times dining photographer with a blog making Sunday sauce. On his Instagram account he captures the best meals the city has to offer. Most of the recipes on the blog are Italian and American meal recipes. The blog is dedicated to his great grandmother.

4. @julieskitchen

List of the best instagram food bloggers
Instagram food blogger

Julie left her day job to focus on her blog and Instagram account. Her blog is as known ‘Julies Kitchen’. She started the blog and Instagram account after she created a showcase of seasonal foods for her neighbourhood farmers market. Her post on Instagram mainly explore field of plant designs and colour theory. You can find her recipes on her website.

5. @feedyoursoull

Best Instagram food bloggers
Instagram food blog

This Instagram account has over 300,000 followers and is the most popular food content creator on Instagram. Its covers everything filled with American comfort food and also international cuisines.



If you are out there looking to have a nice meal at a restaurant or prepare some exotic dishes or travel to a place where there is good food then you seek guidance from these blogs and bloggers to get a touch of that ‘foodie’ experience.

Moreover, you can create your own content too. But being new to this field, you may incline to the best food blogs and bloggers, borrowing their ‘sensei’ and ‘grandmaster’ ways in terms of design, layout and content delivery.

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